Three qualities to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday that could boost your career

By the time you read this, dear reader, Thanksgiving will have been celebrated by Americans at home and abroad. In honor of the importance of giving thanks, I am pleased to dedicate today’s column to three of the many things I am grateful for—and for which you can be more grateful, too.

But first, before we continue, a few words about ingesting turkey or tofurkey if you’re a vegetarian — the celebration itself.

Since moving here to Ireland, I’ve been regularly asked (or ‘informed’) by my Irish friends that ‘Thanksgiving in America is a ‘bigger’ holiday than Christmas.’ If by ‘bigger’ you mean more people participate in the recognition of the day, you’re probably right, given the sheer number of conscientious citizens who attend, as Thanksgiving is not tied to any particular religion or cultural group.

On the fourth Thursday of November you can find pretty much every American, from every background, gathering around a table and “slinging”. But that’s basically it. There is no big build. Children have no school the day and the day after. But they don’t write letters to the magic turkey or the spirit of the pilgrims or whatever because they don’t get presents. There’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and there’s always football on TV. But really, it is. The monopoly on holiday sparkles, glitter and all-encompassing razzmatazz excitement (and hype) will continue to be held firmly into Christmas. Oh, and one more thing, most families serve mashed potatoes and stuffing, not one or the other. I’m often asked that too. OK, any questions? email me I live to serve.

Continue. So while the official holiday of feasting comes only once a year, our appetite for gratitude should be year-round. And without further ado, here are the most important career-building and empowering skills you can develop and be thankful for.


I am thankful for my body. Not only does it get me from place to place (when I’m not in any vehicle), it’s what I developed to help me connect better with other people. Whether one or a thousand listeners, my posture, facial expressions and gestures send communicative signals.

Most of us haven’t spent enough time taking more control and responsibility over how we behave and how many messages we can send without saying a word.


I am thankful for my vote. It’s not the same voice I had in college or before my television career. It’s good. Because now it’s better. We agree that our voice not only carries our conversations, interviews and presentations, but with coaching it can convey much more than just basic classroom meanings. Our tone, pace, pitch, and volume weave our words into a rich tapestry of emotion, intention, compassion, and caring. It’s an instrument worth practicing.

Way of thinking

I’m thankful for my sanity. It allows me to think of ideas, construct sentences, feel emotions, and engage in empowering self-talk.

Soliloquy is everything. Don’t forget that we spend most of our lives in our heads. Make it a safe and encouraging place to live. I saw a video of Anthony Hopkins on Instagram the other day. He said, “Whatever you want to do, believe it. Believe it, believe it, believe it. Even if you don’t believe it, pretend you do.” I love that. And yes. And there’s even neuroscience to support this concept. You can develop your mindset to become more positive and believe in yourself more. In addition to this area of ​​growth, you can also devote yourself to daily voice and body work. Each of these three areas combine to create the experience that others have of you when you are around them. Understanding this is the first step in self-development.

Over time you will increase your awareness and adjust how you enter a room or stage or sit in a chair. You will gain more control over the energy that your face does or does not display when you are speaking to or listening to someone else. You can even develop the range and flexibility of your voice until you’re someone who really likes the way your voice sounds when you hear yourself recorded. You can learn to play the music within your vocal part more fluently and carefully, just as a musician plays a clarinet or trumpet.

By purposefully integrating each of these three parts of you, you become a more effective and purposeful version of yourself. The other people in your life will thank you for choosing to take these traits more seriously and develop them. They will thank you too.

hat tip

To Don Keogh, former President of Coca Cola. Though he passed away in 2015, the Irish-American businessman’s words live on. A coaching client shared a gem with me about presenting on stage during our session last week.

When I encouraged him to practice slight changes in his posture, speech, and gestures, he remarked that the process reminded him of a moment years ago when someone, after listening to Keogh speak, exclaimed, “You’re a natural! ” To which the leader, known for his philanthropy and passion for helping others, pointed out that he had undergone hours of coaching, “Nature has nothing to do with it,” he replied. Three qualities to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday that could boost your career

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