Ticket to Paradise review: George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite in nostalgic romance

In Ticket to Paradise, two seasoned romcom heavyweights return to the ring to show youngsters how it’s done. Old friends and regular collaborators, Julia Roberts and George Clooney look like they’re having a good time in Ol Parker’s movie, shot in the tropics: the question is, are we? Overall, we can be like that, and mostly because of them.

ivorcees David (Mr. Clooney) and Georgia (Ms. Roberts) are the parents of Lily (Kaitlin Dever), a smart and likeable law graduate who is going to Bali for a vacation after completing her final exams. hers. The former couple, who can’t see each other, almost start a fight at her graduation, but have to form a reluctant alliance when an emergency arises.

Lily fell in love with a seaweed farmer in Bali, and sent her parents a brief email inviting them to her wedding in the South Pacific. Horrified by this sudden change, David and Georgia decide that Lily is in a hopeless hurry, and agree to have the wedding using what they call “the Trojan horse”: that is, fake pretending to be completely satisfied with the whole thing while secretly plotting to sabotage it.

This is not very mature behavior, but David and Georgia will stop at nothing to prevent Lily from making the same mistake they did – marrying of their own accord at the age of 20. So they steal the wedding ring, offend the fiancée and do their best to plant seeds of doubt in the groom’s mind. Gede (Maxime Bouttier) is uncomfortably kind, and Lily really does seem to care about him, but once down their destructive route, battle divorces aren’t for the spin.

From adjoining rooms at an idyllic beachfront hotel, they bicker, reminisce, and map out the fallout of their wedding. But all while it is strongly suspected that people who annoy each other to this extent may still be in love.

There’s a sense of nostalgia to this movie that goes beyond its catchy weather stars. This is the kind of light-hearted, light-hearted, non-dangerous romantic comedy Hollywood used to roll out in the 1980s and ’90s: a large number of them starred Roberts and Clooney, and so it has seems to be a light nostalgic joy. to settle down and see them in action, you know in your heart that nothing bad will ever happen to anyone.

It would be easy to find holes in the film’s potential mismatch. How in the name of God did David and Georgina, who don’t even live in the same city, accidentally sit next to each other on a flight to Bali? As if that weren’t enough, Paul (Lucas Bravo), Georgia’s badass French boyfriend turns out to be flying a plane, and all is not well. Does a comedy need comic relief? If so, Paul will provide that, getting down on one knee every 5 minutes and proposing to Georgia with puppy eyes. Good luck with that mate.

Gede’s extended family is given a brief passage in a film with a focus on randomness. The boy’s parents might make a few catty-subtitled remarks with David and Georgia, but conversely, smiling bystanders, outsiders on their own island. Caitlin Dever is an amazingly talented young actress, as she proved in Oxycontin’s Dopesick mini-series: she can’t overdo it if she tries, and here she’s going to play a daughter. Good girls seem much more mature than their parents.

George Clooney throws in the kitchen sink while playing David, a confused-looking 60-year-old man in his late teens. He winks, wiggles, and grins at the camera, and somehow he ignores it. Meanwhile, Miss Roberts has a more contemplative look, but now and then reminds us that she is very, very good at this romantic drama: when she smiles, she does so with grace. rare calendar, and occasionally flashed a blinding smile as ever. Hollywood’s secret weapon.

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