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Welcome to Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals information. This information will present you Timberborn of “gee, I want I knew that” and different helpful info.

Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

You might be about to enter the post-apocalypse the place the one survivors are water dwarves, colloquially often called beavers.

This industrious tree-munching people are good at constructing dams and rising crops, and collectively, you and them will mildew the land to suit your wants: development of business by renewable assets.

This information will hopefully provide you with some perception into the way to work together with your beavers to outlive and thrive. There are some mechanics that I struggled with, and I wish to cross on my data to others in order that they don’t should undergo the identical struggles.

I could not cowl all matters, as my focus is to cowl some fundamentals after which focus on what I really feel are some indirect or possibly obscure mechanics or byproducts of mechanics that I’ve stumbled throughout.

Fundamentals on Sources -Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

Useful resource: an Overview:

There are a number of seen assets, and a number of other assets which aren’t instantly seen but additionally have to be tracked, in Timberborn.

Useful resource administration is necessary when constructing and planning your beaveropolis. Most assets are renewable and may be generated rapidly and managed simply. We’ll have a look at those instantly seen on the UI first.

On the high of the display, you will note this bar. From the left, we now have:

Nicely-being | Science | Varied Items | Meals | Logs | Saved Water

We’re going to break them down in reverse order.

Saved Water:

Saved water is the quantity of water your beavers have saved in water towers throughout the city. That is the overview of the quantity of water you’ve gotten saved for when drought comes. This isn’t all out there water, as water trapped in a reservoir is a distinct useful resource. Beavers will die of thirst with out saved water.


Logs are uncooked timber, which can be utilized to make most simple buildings, and may be processed into planks after which into different supplies. Logs are harvested from timber, with various returns based mostly on tree sorts.


Meals is the stuff that retains your beavers beavering. If there isn’t a meals, the beavers will starve. Meals is available in a number of sorts, with a number of methods of buying it. Within the early sport, berries harvested from berry bushes will preserve your early populations operating. Afterward, meals will change into extra out there as wheat and potato fields cowl the land.

— These three make up the spine of your beavers civilization. With out them, there isn’t a development —

Varied Items:

Varied items is an overarching time period for lots of different items which are out there to be produced and saved. Some varied items are some form of inbetween in a manufacturing chain, i.e. potatoes change into meals when they’re grilled.Some varied items are constructing supplies, i.e., logs may be milled into planks, the primary superior good wanted.


SCIENCE is created by inventors and saved as factors. New buildings may be unlocked utilizing these factors. Be warned that some issues may be unlocked out of order: i.e. with the intention to create a platform, planks are required. Nonetheless, the platform may be unlocked earlier than planks may be created, resulting in an unlocked tech that may not be constructed.

Nicely-Being – Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

Happiness is the general rating that determines how content material the inhabitants is. The upper the rating, the extra productive our little industrious water dwarves will probably be. The factor about happiness is that it has a number of necessities, and comes with a handy-dandy sheet, which is out there by clicking on the happiness stat.

Timberborn Beaver Basics
Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

Every particular person stat comes with a bonus, various from +% life expectancy to +% transfer pace. Each is happy by a selected requirement, and there aren’t any overlaps (so far as I can inform). Diet 1 requires beavers to be consuming carrots, whereas Diet 2 will probably be happy if they’ve grilled potatoes.

Particular person beavers may be clicked on to evaluate their particular person well-being, in addition to clicking inside a district will present the general well-being of the district.

Maximizing well-being isn’t extremely sophisticated, and could be very rewarding.

Beaver Fundamentals and Different Sources

Methods to get extra Beavers?

Let’s Speak Beavers:

Beavers are, by definition, our most beneficial useful resource. After their well-being acknowledged above, there are different necessary beaver-related info to cowl.


Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

Beaver inhabitants is damaged down into “adults” and “kids”. Adults are your working inhabitants, they usually can produce extra kids. Youngsters, in fact, want time to mature into adults.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

When it’s time to sleep, beavers will sleep wherever they need, although they like to sleep in correct housing. Housing supplies consolation, which is a stat within the Nicely-being group.

Offering sufficient housing for our beavers can be necessary as a result of Folktails will reproduce when there may be additional housing. So far as my video games have gone, beavers won’t produce new beavers if there may be not sufficient room! This additionally implies that overbuilding housing could cause a child beaver increase.

Observe: the one method to get extra beavers is to supply extra beavers. They don’t appear to have sexes, and so two beavers in the identical lodge with downtime and an empty lodge area will produce a baby.

Iron Tooth work in a different way, and I’ll write about that after I get an opportunity to play them.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

This tab will observe your employment. Not like most metropolis builders, unemployed populations don’t appear to tug down happiness. They may idle round, eat meals, drink water, and go to leisure buildings and look ahead to work. The lifetime of an unemployed beaver is seemingly actually good.

They’re a useful resource to make use of, although, and monitoring our unemployed beavers is necessary. Migrating the unemployed to underemployed districts is the important thing to profitable development and enlargement to new areas.

Let’s Discuss Hidden Sources – Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

“Hidden” assets are ones that aren’t expressively seen within the UI or the sport itself. They don’t seem to be secret, however quite might not be issues which are thought of or mentioned. Nonetheless, they’re necessary bits of data to pay attention to.


In all probability the obvious, and but in all probability terribly underlooked is land.

Land is available in two sorts: arable and non-arable.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

Arable land is inexperienced, and is brought on by water being close by. The space may be modified by terrain top, sort of water supply, however not depth of water.

Take note of land in the course of the non-drought seasons. This land is efficacious, as it’s the land that may maintain agriculture. Monitoring river and lake’s ranges and the arable land produced is necessary when selecting to dam or change river flows. Utilizing arable land for buildings can generally strangle meals and timber manufacturing.

Creating extra arable land requires use of both irrigation towers (Folktail solely):

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

Or constructing giant constructions like an aqueduct:

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

Or terraformed by dams and lakes.


Non-arable land nonetheless has its worth, although. It may be remodeled into arable land by varied strategies, each talked about above and past. Nonetheless, non-arable land can be helpful for constructing housing and business on, because the beavers don’t thoughts the place they dwell. Discovering areas of land that aren’t going to arable results in nice locations to arrange housing facilities.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

On this picture, you may see that roughly half of the districts’ land will probably be arable, and roughly half won’t be. Attempt to focus constructing buildings within the non-arable land, in order that the arable land can be utilized for agriculture. The stacking buildings mechanic generally is a main boon for this constructing model.

And keep in mind that buildable land may be created:


Remember that some buildings have to be constructed on strong floor, just like the campfire and the temple.

Studying to make use of land successfully will improve our possibilities of survival.



A bizarre little idea we people keep on with, is time. Our denizens will work in keeping with this clock, which we will set by way of the +/- buttons. The darkish part of the circle is, in fact, nighttime, and must be reserved for sleeping.

By default, our beavers will work for 16 hours a day, and sleep for 8. This can go away little time for socialization, leisure, or producing new beavers, until they aren’t working (or unemployed). By lowering the work hours to fifteen or 14, it will cut back manufacturing of products, however will enable the beavers to have leisure time.

If you’re having inhabitants points, ensure that there may be additional housing out there and check out giving the beavers some downtime.

Rivers, Dams, and Waterways – Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

One among Timberborn’s main promoting factors is the water mechanics. Droughts, rerouting water, damming rivers, and different terraforming is a key promoting level of the sport. There are many strategies of securing water for the dry seasons.

Let’s have a look at some water mechanic fundamentals, some basic suggestions, then we are going to have a look at our construction items, and end off with some buildings.

Water Movement Fundamentals

Water on this sport may be simply managed, and follows fundamental guidelines of strain, roughly.

If in case you have a 5 x 1 river mouth and you place it a 5 x 1 dam on it, you’ll replenish the dam after which water will circulation out.

If in case you have the identical 5 x 1 river mouth and also you stick a 4 x 1 dam and block the remaining, you’ll get sooner transferring water (useful later for waterwheels).

If in case you have the 5 x 1 river with the 4 x 1 dam, and then you definitely add a 6 x 1 dam after that, you will sluggish your water down.

If you happen to block the 5 x 1 river, you’ll get a reservoir, till it will definitely breaks out over the partitions.

in case you block the 5 x 1 river and it’s not making a lake, verify for leaks across the lake. If water touches the sting of the map, it’s going to circulation out.

In abstract:

Water flows from excessive to low.

Forcing the water into tighter areas makes the water go sooner (and should trigger flooding).

Giving the water plenty of area to unfold out will sluggish the water down.

Test the realm earlier than constructing a dam.

Some Different Notes:


Sure! Your beavers will swim! They may observe paths which may be underwater, and full constructions which are in water with out a lot thought. Additionally they don’t appear to thoughts being in an space that’s flooded. At a sure degree of water, although, they appear to hunt greater floor and won’t do issues like harvest timber or crops.

Constructing From Above

Beavers can construct from above or under an object, which means that they don’t want direct entry to construct one thing. They’ll place levee items within the water a number of ranges under them, or construct an influence part on a platform above them.

Constructing Items – Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals


The essential constructing block utilized in hydroengineering. The dam piece permits water to circulation over it, as soon as the water has reached a sure top. Dams come unlocked and are thought of a strong object, which means you may put buildings on high of it.


The levee must be one of many first items of dam know-how unlocked, as levee’s are what enable us to make a strong wall. Levee’s may be stacked, and can cease water flowing — till the water flows over them. Dams and different objects may be positioned on high of levees, however levees cannot be stacked ontop of the rest.

Earlier than we dive in, I wish to level out that I’m in no way an engineer, so please appropriate me if I exploit the mistaken phrases.

What About Floodgates?

Nice query! I’ve not used them, as they require shut monitoring and handbook activation. I cannot write a information or an opinion on a bit I’ve not used!

That being mentioned, they in all probability have nice and really helpful functions, however I cannot attest to that.


It’s a Weir

The primary water-stopping construction we will probably be producing might be going to be a weir.


A weir is low rattling that stops or slows water. Within the early sport, constructing a weir or two alongside the beginning river will lure water for the summer time. Weirs are produced from dam items that cross the river. This can decelerate water motion, and may trigger your water wheels to cease flowing appropriately.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

On this image, you may see that I changed a few of the dam items with levee items to dam a few of the water circulation. Because of this the water has fewer escape factors, and can circulation a bit bit sooner in that space.

Dam It All!

A dam goes to contain a number of levee items with a spout that permits water to flee someplace.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

This dam is 2 ranges deep (with some 3 deep within the center), and so in the course of the dry season, the dam will retain numerous water. Dams must be constructed on river mouths and are used to create lakes behind it. When damming a river, it is very important bear in mind to let the water circulation out someplace, in any other case there will probably be flooding.

To cut back points with flooding, retaining partitions close to the spout may be made (as are being constructed within the picture). Having the water go into a large space can even decelerate the water exiting your dam.

Lastly, you may also make a sluice:



Aqueducts are a good way to maneuver water from one level to a different.

Beaver Basics
Beaver Fundamentals

As talked about above, aqueducts create numerous arable land, which is an enormous boon for agriculture. Aboveground, they’re expensive to make, and take up fairly a little bit of room. Aqueducts may be carved into the bottom utilizing explosives, as nicely.

Pumping Stations

There are water pumps that can dump water out into an space to create a synthetic lake. I’ve not explored this feature but, because it appears very labor intensive. For now, I keep on with my pure water sources.

So You’ve Bought a Lake…

Keep in mind that lakes may be constructed upon! You’ll be able to produce a lake, after which transfer your housing and business on high of platforms.

Lakes will keep in the course of the summertime, and can supply numerous water to our beavers. Ensure that they’re actively pumping from it, although, as simply because we now have water within the lake doesn’t imply we now have saved water!


Districts in Timberborn are form of a sophisticated beast at first, however are a strong software when used as supposed. Collectively, we’re going to have a look at the way to create a district and the way to use them to develop with out by accident ravenous your inhabitants.

Districts 101

Welcome to the primary day of sophistication, beaver constructing bureaucrats! It’s time to speak about a controversial and but elementary piece of Timberborn: districts.

Merely put, a district is a bit of the town that’s marked by a central constructing (the district middle) and the perimeters are marked with gates.

Districts are an attention-grabbing idea as a result of they signify wholly impartial items and may be completely wonderful whereas neighboring districts are dying.

Not like most metropolis builders, the place assets may be shared and all pops can entry storage evenly, every district acts like a brand new metropolis. Meals, logs, and all different assets are shared solely inside the bounds of the district, and don’t cross the traces. This implies when a brand new district is positioned down, it’s functionally a wholly new colony and may dealt with as such.

With this in thoughts, it may be straightforward to really feel overwhelmed or suppose it’s a dangerous mechanic. In spite of everything, how are we alleged to develop if our districts are restricted?

There are some strategies to transferring items from district to district, and a few methods to correctly (and improperly) create a brand new district. One giant characteristic of the district system is that if a district is steady, and a brand new district is created, there is a chance to develop with diminished danger of destabilizing the prevailing districts. Overexpansion doesn’t essentially imply the dying of the entire metropolis.

With this state of mind in place, we are going to focus on the way to transfer ahead with districts.

District Features

Districts are principally a singular hub of motion. Consider them like a metropolis middle. Earlier than making a brand new district, take into consideration some issues:

1) Why do I have to put a district there?

  • Constructing a dam? Increasing farmland? Have to cross a mountain? Colonize a brand new island?

2) Does it have entry to meals and water?

  • Importantly: if the drought season comes, is there sufficient provide to final? Is that this district going to undergo from drought?

3) Does it have entry to different districts?

4) Is it slicing off provide to a different district?

Making a District: Mitosis Fashion

Making a District: Migration Fashion

Making a District: New Colony Fashion (Brute Power Methodology)

District Do’s and Don’t’s

F.A.Q. and Fast Data

Methods to get extra beavers? – Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals

  • Give them some downtime (cut back working hours by 1 or 2), be sure to have empty lodge area, fulfill your beavers consolation (by constructing houses). You may as well improve fertility by assembly beaver social well-being (campfires or leisure terrace)

If you wish to see new guides, verify right here: | Timberborn Beaver Fundamentals – naguide


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