Today’s Horoscope – Russell Grant’s Star Forecast for Wednesday, March 16

One asterisk is being urged now as a good time to set up a savings plan, while another is experiencing a lot of stress and tension because of legal issues


Russell Grant See what today can bring you horoscope – and what you can do to prepare.


If you don’t hide your feelings then chances are someone else is hiding the truth from you. You’re amazed at how easily someone sweeps an important issue under the rug. An important issue remains unresolved and you will do your best to get to the bottom of it.


Social activities and situations will be pleasant enough. Friends and colleagues will inspire you as they talk about their interests and share their hopes for the coming months. You have your own goals and listening to a friend’s goals and ambitions will help you push past self-imposed limitations.


You want to feel like you can rely on your intuitive responses. At the same time, you are always questioning what you see, hear and experience and will take an analytical look at what is going on. By becoming consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can walk in both the realm of imagination and reality.


You will be asked to share your views but the moment you do, someone will question why you feel this way and wonder why you cannot agree with them. Sometimes it’s a good idea to stay silent about your opinions even when you’re asked to share them.


A good time to set up a savings plan. Instinctively, you now seem to be the best way to grow your money. A legal or financial problem you’re getting into is going to turn out better than you dared to expect. You know that things won’t be easy and it’s a relief that things will work out the way you want them to.


A team is doing some great work refurbishing donated items and delivering these to those who need them. An entirely different challenge has now been presented. You may be asked to join a committee to look at new issues and decide how best to approach these issues.


Your patience is about to be tested to the limit. You can’t understand why a housemate seems to want to stir up unnecessary conflict. You are not in the mood to argue. In fact, one of your greatest strengths is your ability to maintain harmony, even when others are irritable and argumentative.


A legal issue has been causing you a lot of stress and pressure. In addition, there were a series of problems discovered. You will be closely following the development of a news story as it will affect your life or the community in some way.


Someone in the family is spending cash without thinking about tomorrow. Family disputes over money will make it difficult for you today. Are you planning to travel soon? If so, be careful who you tell your plans to because someone will ask them to come along even though you prefer to travel alone.


You are not satisfied with the way the team effort is going. Too many people are in too much of a hurry and details are overlooked. Unless you’re the one in charge, keep all important emotions to yourself. As long as you are doing your job to the best of your ability, your conscience is clear.


In both work and social affairs, it can be very costly if you refuse to follow the crowd. A lot of advice will be given but you should make important decisions independently. This may mean taking a risk and showing off those original and untested ideas that pop into your mind.


You are always sensitive and that is why you will feel hurt when a friend or colleague makes a comment about you or your lifestyle. The thing that annoys you the most is that you feel comfortable with them enough to expose your weaknesses. Now you will wish you hadn’t.

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