Toddler dies after falling off boat and being hit by propeller


A toddler has tragically died after falling off a boat and being hit by a ship’s propeller in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Three-year-old Walter Enslin Greer was out with his family on a boat in Echo State Park Sunday afternoon when he fell into the water and was fatally struck by a propeller near the stern of the boat, the Utah Division of State Parks said with A press release.

Utah State Park rangers responded to the scene just before 4:45 p.m. local time and rescued Greer from the water. But it was too late as Greer, who was wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident, had already died, officials said.

Greer’s family said NBC affiliate KSLTV that they are “devastated to say goodbye to our beloved Walter so unexpectedly.”

“Walter was an absolute delight, he loved Spiderman, trains, trucks and his red boots,” added the family. “We are so blessed to have Walter in our family forever. He is so loved and we will cherish his memory until we meet again.”

The death was still under investigation as of Tuesday, authorities said.

Park officials expressed their “sympathy to the family and all who are grieving at this difficult time” in a press release.

“It’s just the last thing a family wants to see when they come into a state park or reservoir or anything like that,” said Devan Chavez, spokesman for Utah State Parks said CBS affiliate KUTV the tragedy.

According to one report, the beloved boy was due to start preschool this month GoFundMe page formed to help his family with funeral expenses.

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