Tom Brady tweeted that he was “a big fan” of Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently spoke about his biggest concerns about the crypto industry with TIME Magazine. After the interview was published, Buterin responded to tweets that negatively compared his appearance to that of Tom Brady, retired NFL star and founder of NFT marketplace Autograph.

Buterin found the critical comments hilarious and even posted collages of the “highly recommended” tweets. He admitted he didn’t know who Tom Brady was and thought he was first linked to actor Tom Cruise. At this point, Brady, who knew exactly who Buterin was, chimed in and expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the “Prince of Cryptography”.

Brady praised Buterin as the GOAT, a term used to describe those who are the “greatest of all time” in their field and often used in reference to Brady himself for being the only NFL player at seven championships under his belt. Brady acknowledged that Autograph “wouldn’t have been possible” without Buterin. Recently, Autograph closed after a $170 million funding round. Company officials said at the time that it plans to use the funds to scale its NFT technology and expand its user base.

Buterin’s cover story is part of the first-ever full issue of TIME to be published as an NFT on the blockchain. The decentralized magazine edition will be available on March 23rd. As part of the magazine’s initiative for Web3 initiatives, it began accepting payments for digital subscriptions in Bitcoin (Bitcoin), ether (ETH) as well as ripples (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE) and other cryocurrencies. TIMEPieces, the company’s NFT arm, tweeted on Sunday that it will soon add ApeCoin, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (APE) governance and utility token, to its list of accepted cryptocurrencies.

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buterin referred told BAYC during the interview when it came to the tendency of industry officials to publicly flaunt crypto- and NFT-related assets. “The danger is that you have these $3 million monkeys and it becomes a different kind of gambling,” he said.

Although they are unfazed by public figures Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon have their own bored monkeys or people who “just buy yachts and Lambos‘ Buterin admitted ‘a silver lining’. Russian-born Buterin wrote to ZEIT that all of this happened recently Blockchain-based efforts in support of the Russia-Ukraine crisis have served to remind the crypto community “that the ultimate goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar images of monkeys, but to do things that produce meaningful effects in the real world”.