Top 10 most frequently Googled questions about driving bans answered

DRIVING violations can result in unlimited fines, 11 license points and even a driver’s license suspension if caught doing something illegal.

But many drivers don’t even know exactly what can land them a penalty that could easily have been avoided.

Traffic offenses can carry an unlimited fine, 11 points, or even jail time


Traffic offenses can carry an unlimited fine, 11 points, or even jail timeCredit: Alamy

CEO and founder of car leasing company Vanarama, Andy Alderson, told The Sun: “There are so many myths surrounding fines that it can be difficult for motorists to know what is true and what is not.

“It is important that drivers know the correct information as the maximum penalty for committing a driving offense can be an unlimited fine, 11 points or even jail time.”

To keep your money safe in your wallets and on the streets, Vanarama answers 10 commonly asked questions about UK fines based on Google searches to help you avoid them.

Can you get a fine for driving too slowly?

Yes, unlimited fines and up to 11 points.

Whilst there is no guidance in the Highway Code on specific penalties for speeding, you may be given a verbal warning by a police officer if your slowing is considered dangerous.

However, there are penalty points for dangerous driving and negligent and reckless driving, under which, in extreme cases, slow driving could fall.

Can you get fined for driving in a bus lane?

Yes, over £90 fine.

If you are caught by CCTV driving in a bus lane during operating hours, you may be eligible for a Penalty Penalty Fee (PCN). The size of the fine varies across the UK and is usually £90, with the highest in London being over £100. However, note that if you pay early, you will get a 50% discount.

If the PCN is not paid within the specified number of days, you can be issued with a charge certificate increasing the fine to £135.

Can you get a fine for driving through a puddle?

No, unless you spray pedestrians.

Driving through puddles may be unavoidable in certain situations, such as on narrow roads. However, if you splash a pedestrian driving through a puddle, you can be fined an unlimited amount and three to nine penalty points for careless and reckless driving.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is illegal to drive ‘without reasonable regard for others’ and to ‘drive through a puddle where pedestrians are splashed’.

Can you be fined for driving with the fog lights on?

Yes, over £30 fine.

Only drive with the fog lights on in fog and restricted visibility. At all other times it is illegal and unsafe as it can obscure other drivers’ vision of the road and reduce the visibility of your brake lights. It could net you a £30 fine for that reason.

According to the StVO, you should only rely on your fog lights if you cannot see 100 meters ahead of the car.

Can you be fined for driving without lights?

Yes, up to £1,000 fine and three points.

While you might think that driving with one headlight on at night won’t affect your vision, it’s incredibly dangerous, especially when the other light goes out too. This can result in a £100 fine, and if you’re caught with the unresolved issue again it can go up to £1,000.

It is forbidden to drive without headlights on roads at night or when visibility is limited. The latter might sound ambiguous, but it’s always a good idea to drive with your headlights on if you’re unsure. If you are caught with your lights out you could be fined a Fixed Penalty (FPN) of £50.

Can you get a fine for driving without an MOT?

Yes, up to £2,500 fine, nine points and a driving ban.

It is illegal to drive your car after your MOT has expired. Being caught without a valid MOT certificate can result in a massive fine of up to £2,500, points on your driving license and in extreme cases even disqualification.

If you are involved in an accident without an MOT, all insurance claims may be void and you may have to pay out money you might not otherwise have. In addition, driving without valid insurance coverage is illegal, which can result in an unlimited fine, six to nine penalty points or even a driving ban.

Can you get a fine for driving on the hard shoulder?

Yes, £100+ fine and three points.

You should not drive on the hard shoulder unless directed to do so by roadworks signs, a traffic cop, or on a smart highway. You could end up with a £100 fine and three points on your driving license for illegally using it as a lane.

Can you get a fine for running a red light?

Yes, £100 penalty and three points.

It may be tempting to increase your speed as you approach a traffic light, but the cost of not stopping at a red or yellow light is usually a £100 fine and three points on your driving licence. If the traffic light is amber as you approach it, it’s best to slow down to avoid being caught by a cop or traffic light cameras.

Can you get fined for driving in the middle lane?

Yes, up to an unlimited fine and 11 points.

Driving in the middle lane is a criminal offense under the Road Traffic Act. You should always try to drive in the left lane on any highway unless you are overtaking other vehicles. Those caught ‘hogging’ are likely to face a £100 fine and three penalty points. In extreme cases, there is even a risk of being reported for negligent driving – with an unlimited fine and three to eleven points on the driver’s license.

Can you get a fine for driving on a one-way street?

Yes, £100 penalty and three points.

Although your GPS may misdirect you or you may have missed a one-way street sign, it is illegal to drive on a one-way street. You could be charged with careless driving and face a £100 fine and three penalty points.

If you find yourself going down a one-way street, the Highway Code says: “You must not back your vehicle any further than necessary”. The best advice is to stop and wait for a safe time to turn back and follow the right direction. Top 10 most frequently Googled questions about driving bans answered

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