Top 5 most active MMORPGs on Steam in 2022

Tired of MMORPGs that lack the “massive” players they should have? Getting online with thousands of other players is one of the things that makes MMORPGs great, but so many games these days feel empty or feel like they just don’t have very active communities. Fortunately, we’ve checked the charts and compiled a list of Steam’s 5 most active MMORPGs by their current maximum daily player count.

5. New World


Amazon Game Studio’s first original IP New world was a rollercoaster ride in almost every way. From a difficult start-up process that saw servers rammed by new players to recent mergers to consolidate active players in one place, New world proved that despite the troubles it’s had, there are still thousands of die-hard fans ready and willing to represent their faction and bring death to all those who oppose them.

New world is currently around 30,000 active players per day, which is pretty decent, but right now it’s trending down from an all-time high of over 900,000 active players in September 2021. reported a daily drop of over 90% in active players back in January 2022, and it’s a trend that has continued – but if you’re interested in gaming New world, don’t fret too much as Amazon Game Studios strives to improve the game. For now, New world is only available on Steam. We hope for an increase in daily active players in the future New world.

4. Path of Exile


If you love action RPGs, then you’re probably no stranger way of exile. It’s no secret that we love way of exile, as the game has been the winner of Best Persistent Online Game for 4 years. With many years of updates, Diablo-like combat, and a customization system that gives players plenty of options to fine-tune their build, it’s no wonder this is one of the most played games on Steam.

For now way of exile has around 40,000 daily active players, and it’s actually trending upwards. The game’s presence on Steam in 2013 was only 28,000 at its peak, but a few years later we’ve seen a recurring player count on Steam that has shown significant spikes in active player counts, leading to a real peak way of exile highest concurrent player count since records began in February of this year. The Steam numbers don’t really tell the whole picture either way of exile is also available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

3. Warframe


It’s hard to believe war frame is almost a decade old because it sure doesn’t feel like it. While war frame is not an MMORPG in the traditional sense, this visceral third-person shooter has grown in ways I can’t believe, with tons of exciting content and new Warframes being added all the time. Additionally, there’s plenty of story to keep players engaged, cooperative play, and loads of cute weapons for Tenno to disembowel their enemies. It also doesn’t hurt that the parkour-style move is just incredibly cool. Space Ninjas for Victory!

war frame has experienced significant growth over the years. The last surge in active players happened around December 2021 when new content was released, but it has since settled at an average of 45-50,000 top players per day on Steam. But, war frame is on Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, with plans to make the game available on mobile later in 2022. There are more than enough players to fight along war frameso get on Tenno.

2. MIR4


If you are surprised sir MIR4 on the list, or maybe you’re just wondering, “What is MIR4?” I’m sure you’re not alone. MIR4 could easily slip under the radar as the game itself has some very mixed reviews on Steam despite its very high active player base. The game features 4 classes, a free loot system, a castle siege system and…wait for it…NFTs. Yes, that’s right, MIR4 has both Crypto Tokens and NFTs that you can earn in-game and sell to other players.

Whether you scoff at the idea of ​​NFTs in games or are all for it, MIR4 has remained stable at almost 60,000 players per day compared to an all-time high of almost 100,000 players in November 2021. After more than 4 months MIR4 has managed to maintain a relatively high active player base considering its low all-time high. reported back in January that although Steam has banned cryptocurrencies and NFT games, some have slipped under the radar, and MIR4 has not only gone unchecked but appears to be thriving. MIR4 is also available on mobile devices, which means there will be more than enough players to keep you entertained in this action-packed MMORPG.

1. Lost Ark


Whether it’s because the game just released or because it’s just so good, Lost Ark tops our list of the most active MMORPGs on Steam. The Smilegates action RPG behemoth takes players to Arkesia where players can choose from 5 classes with multiple advanced class options to defeat hordes of enemies. This free-to-play ARPG has plenty of story to keep you entertained, but its true strength lies in its difficult PvE endgame and exciting competitive PvP. Although this game is also published in the west by Amazon Game Studio, the servers have been relatively stable, which is reflected in the consistently high top player counts.

While Lost Ark Slightly below its all-time high of 1.3 million concurrent players, it still manages close to 800,000 top players per day, which is pretty massive. It’s too early to tell if Lost Ark will maintain its momentum, but the developers already have a new expansion on the way, so all expectations point to a stable player base, or possibly some growth if there is an aggressive content plan. Since Lost Ark is a free-to-play game, there’s really no reason not to give this game a try.

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