Top 6 most powerful Warcraft characters

The Warcraft game can rightly be considered a cult and one of the most famous in the world. It’s hard to disagree with this, because even if you are not a fan of computer games, you probably heard about Warcraft from your friends or just on the Internet. Today we want to talk with you about the most powerful characters in the Warcraft game and introduce someone to it. Read on and choose your favorite!

Now popular around the world, the game Warcraft originates in 1994, that’s when it was created. The game later received several sequels. This set the stage for a new wave of recognition. The popularity and the number of players grew at an incredible rate with each new sequel. So at one point, World of Warcraft appeared. Which gave rise to the development of stories from the previous parts. No one suspected that this online game would become the best MMORPG ever…

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A little about the plot for those who does not understand…

At the heart of the Warcraft story is the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. Both the Horde and the Alliance have their own characters – heroes and villains. Initially, the Horde consisted exclusively of orcs. Over time, the Horde has evolved and now includes representatives of many other races. All warriors and mages in the Horde are quite strong, but some characters stand out clearly from their background.

Cairn Bloodhoof

Tauren are incredibly strong and physically hardy and can be compared to huge machines or even true tanks. Their leader was Cairne Bloodhoof. But everything changed after Mc’Gore – an honorable duel. During the duel, when Cairn fought Garrosh Hellscream, the traitor tauren poisoned Garrosh’s weapon because he wanted Cairn dead.

His people were practically dying out due to the war with the centaurs, but Cairn decided to join the Horde and everything changed. Cairn was known as an unsurpassed warrior, whom almost no one could defeat in a fair duel.

Varok Saurfang

This hero is one of the oldest Horde warriors. He went through a lot of fights. And, importantly, Saurfang fought the Alliance during the First War.

In fact, one could say that, in some ways, Saurfang has the most tragic backstory of all. After all, the character is often tormented by terrible dreams, where he sees the faces of all the draenei he killed. The secret of his strength is that the character has impressive combat experience and incredible endurance.


Garrosh Hellscream

We have already talked about it today. Garrosh briefly served as Warchief of the Horde. However, very soon the character lost his title. All because he decided to go against the Horde. With all his actions, which the creators diligently reflected in the plot, the character showed that he adheres to the ideology of orc suprematism. During the period when he was the leader of the Horde, the character destroyed the city of Theramore.

Garrosh is considered one of the strongest characters in the Horde, but he never wielded magic!

Sylvanas Windrunner

The history of this character is also quite interesting. Sylvanas joined the Horde, gaining freedom. She also became the Banshee Queen. In the Horde, she quickly became one of the best archers. As a character, she is endowed with the ability to fly and mind control opponents, provided that she is hit by her arrows. Her magical powers don’t end there. She can still send curses on characters. Because of these curses, they can’t use spells! Not bad, right? And for dessert – Sylvanas can launch arrows with explosive energy. Pretty strong character, right?


This character is the queen of a large empire called the Zandalari. Although she used to be a priestess of Loa Rezan. She has the ability to use light. This type of magic that can not only heal but also burn people. She joined the Horde almost immediately after her father’s death, for which she blamed the forces of the Alliance.


This interesting and unusual character is one of the strongest ogre mages in the history of the Horde! The character is best known for his insanity. Cho’gall is indeed a very strong character. For you to understand how much, he once defeated the ogre empire and burned the emperor Mar’gok.

Cho’gall also had magical powers. The character draws his powers from a source of destructive magic. However, he used Darkness magic much more often. This allows Cho’gall to instill despair, doubt, and panic in his enemies.

Such amazingly strong characters exist in the Warcraft universe. I hope you learned something new and spent your time reading with interest. Did you find the one you gave preference to during the game? Play and enjoy!

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