Top 6 PvP Classes in WoW: Shadowlands

The diverse choice of classes, as well as the many specializations in the latest expansion, make players want to try all the possibilities. The player versus player battle takes center stage in the game. That is why many fans want an answer to the question of which class performs best in these types of battles.

Although many classes perform differently in these types of fights, that is, some show exemplary abilities, while others are a little behind, they are still significant in the game. If your class is not on the list, then this does not mean that you have made a hopeless choice. If you find it difficult to win in PvP battles, then you can use WoW PvP Boosting to increase your chances of winning. This will help you earn achievements, as well as increase your rating in the arena.

We will talk about the leading classes in the arena lists that have proven themselves best in player-versus-player battles.

Arms Warrior

This is the best class on the leaderboard and not without reason. Many players call this class death machines. They are ready to hunt down their enemy to the last to deal a crushing blow. The best tactic is to deal as much damage as possible so that the opponent dies from the blows. This class waits until the enemy cannot heal quickly, and also until his defense is destroyed. With the release of the latest expansion, these warriors have received several improvements. It became noticeable how much their attack improved, as well as their defense.

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Such a warrior inspires real fear in the enemy, which makes him the best fighter of all. His damage output is accurate and his healing is fast and efficient, allowing him to last the longest in the arena.


Fire Mage

Such characters are ready to use all their skills to the last to get rid of the enemy once and for all. During skill cooldown, when the offensive is not possible, he uses excellent kiting tactics. It consists in attacking the enemy from a distance so that the enemy cannot attack back. This class usually uses a wide variety of traps and tricks to attack.

The abilities of this class are especially effective when playing with a team. If the team can provide everything he needs to win, then Fire Mage will be able to quickly finish off the enemy. At first, he forces the enemies to use all their defensive abilities. When the enemy’s skill cooldown time comes, this class attacks the enemy hard, leaving no chance for him to win.

Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety Rogue also has excellent abilities in battles, which do not give his enemy time to attack. To do this, he uses all sorts of methods of blocking, as well as attacking the enemy. He can stun his enemies, thus the enemy teammates cannot help him in any way, because they also become helpless.

This class comes with impressive hidden abilities, making it one of the preferred choices for this kind of battle. The damage dealt by this class is huge, but don’t forget that the cooldown time of the skills is quite long. That is why this class should be strategic in combat. While recharging, you need to block the enemy so that your teammates can quickly attack and kill him.

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Balance Druid

Unsurpassed strength allows this class to be one of the best fighters in the arena. This class is capable of blocking enemies, holding them in place, leaving them silent, and effectively attacking them while they can’t do anything. Another advantage of this class is survivability. The process of regeneration and restoration of strength occurs almost instantly, which cannot but please teammates and inspire fear in enemies.

Using various combinations, it is difficult for enemies to reach you. In doing so, they use all their cooldowns, weakening themselves. If they succeed, then your defense will be enough to withstand the attacks and, ultimately, win.

Windwalker Monk

In the latest expansion, the abilities of this class have been slightly reduced. However, this does not prevent this class from being one of the strongest in arena battles. In hand-to-hand combat, this class has no equal, as the monks are masters of the martial arts. The main advantage of this class is its passive strike, which deals even more powerful damage to enemies. They are highly resilient and highly mobile. Their mobility allows them to follow the enemy, and in case of damage, quickly hide from the sight of enemies to heal.

On the battlefield, most players choose a solid strategic approach. It consists in dealing damage to the healer of the opposing team or paralyzing him. After the healer is paralyzed, the monk attacks the enemies and also makes the most of his cooldowns to defeat them as soon as possible. If the enemy manages to stay alive, then it is best to hide from him to gain some time to recover.

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Retribution Paladin

This list would not be complete without another strong class that is exemplary for fighting both in arenas and on the battlefield. Most players stick to simple tactics. It consists in calculating the most powerful player on the opposing team, who can deal the most damage. After that, the players begin to attack him to deprive the opposing team of the strongest player. The ability to destroy the strongest players is the biggest advantage of this class.


The above character classes are born fighters who, with their very appearance, are capable of intimidating enemies. Their abilities are super powerful, making them the best classes to fight in arenas as well as on the battlefield. Each class can be an excellent choice for PvP battles, you just have to assess the strengths and choose the best strategy.

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