Top 7 Reasons Why Choose Magento for e-Commerce Website Development?

E-commerce has already become one of the dominant influencers in every industry. Eventually, it improved and multiplied innovative solutions to reach a broader audience. Transforming customers’ behavior, eCommerce engaged a lot of entrepreneurs. The number of new online stores is boosting and the following questions are being accentuated:

“How to launch an online store from scratch?” or “Which eCommerce platform to choose?” 

If you work in online commerce, you probably know a platform like Magento for building a store solution. In this post, IT Delight, an Adobe Partner and an expert Magento development company, goes through the reasons – why Magento is the best choice for eCommerce website development.

So if you want to start your own online store or upgrade an existing solution, switching to Magento is a dead-set. Being one of the top-notch eCommerce platforms globally, Magento is definitely a big-ticket option for entrepreneurs. It may not be as much discussed as other platforms, but still, some of the biggest world names in the eCommerce retail sector prefer Magento and they are unlikely to change it. Launched in 2008 and now owned by Adobe, “Designed to grow, built for flexibility” Magento’s slogan handles over $100 billion in gross sales annually.

Let’s dive into what magic has Magento to stand out from the other eCommerce platforms )

Open-Source Platform

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers two versions. 

There is an Open Source edition, which, you guessed it, is a free and downloadable source available for everyone. Designed to meet the basic needs of eCommerce, it provides a wide variety of services designed for small challenging projects. It enables the creation of a website with simple online store functionality that is easy to launch and set up.

Also, there’s the more serious Magento Commerce version, which is fully packed with advantageous features and benefits. It has a complete fit with enterprise-level businesses to significantly empower their online solution and receive all-inclusive support in the software development process.

Vast Community

Magento has already developed a first-class, robust and powerful community with proficient expertise. All 312,000 experts working hard on improving the capacity of Magento, providing the best way to solve any technical problem of your website you might have ever experienced, constantly improving and contributing to the platform’s potential.

Mobile Responsive

Magento was initially created to be responsive regardless of the device used. It provides the best mobile solution for many entrepreneurs allowing them to invest in one site that serves clients using multiple devices while ensuring an engaging eCommerce brand journey for your customers. Magento Responsive boosts conversion and provides a higher ranking of eCommerce solutions in the search engines.

SEO Enabled

Magento will help you shortly bring your online shop to the top of SEO ratings, thanks to the friendly attitude of search engines to this platform. Magento comes packed with all SEO features you may require to rank higher. In addition to this, it is also an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform that is able to fulfill the requirements of all business owners. Automated settings and URL structure independently create an XML sitemap. Surely, it influences site traffic and increases sales. Though you can easily expand the functionality by installing additional plugins, to get higher ranks higher in search engines and give your customers an opportunity to discover you online effortlessly.

User Experience

The user experience provided by Magento makes it stand out from the competition. It has a number of features that allow you not only to engage your customers but also motivate them to return for new purchases, increasing your sales, raising the conversion rate and making regular visitors even more loyal to your brand. Magento combines the ability to instantly implement all innovations with an unrivaled user experience on any device. It has everything needed to deliver a user-centric eCommerce solution with the highest performance, cutting-edge features, and virtually unlimited development potential. In addition, Magento supports integrations with various services and solutions that will make your online business even more successful.

Easy to Manage

Magento creators have properly designed rich functionality and flexible settings, ensuring it is simple to manage. You can immediately create several resources and manage them at a time, which is very convenient for administration. The catalog system is well structured, it is possible to compare goods. Free management of product prices, and adding promotions and gift certificates make working with the system convenient for both the site administrator and the buyer, who can select discounted products and sort them according to certain characteristics.

Magento Extensions

Magento extensions are considered to be the best choice for all eCommerce businesses. It helps improve user experience and increase conversion rate. Moreover, website developers do not need to manually update the eCommerce website as the built-in features of Magento drive the software planning automatically. The value-added features of the extension help increase the speed, functionality, and performance of the store.

To Sum Up

Without any questions, Magento is a phenomenal high-quality eCommerce platform suitable to meet every shopping demand. Magento-based websites have rich functionality and higher performance than most similar sites. It offers a complete solution with unlimited benefits covering a secured shopping experience, seamless product management, easy third-party integration, and more. It allows you to save time and money, and reach a wider audience. No wonder all the advantages are the crucial reason for the immense popularity of Magento.

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