Top British holiday antics include hotel toiletries

Nine out of 10 Britons say they have a ‘holiday alter ego’ that pops up when they travel – it’s a happier, more carefree and enjoyable version of the average human their

Nine in ten Britons have a'holiday alter ego' - with this most likely in the 18-24 age group
Nine in ten Britons have a ‘holiday alter ego’ – with this most likely in the 18-24 age group

The nation’s top holiday antics include daily desserts, snacks, and hotel toiletries.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed the top 40 things people do while abroad, including having dinner every day (47%) – followed by drinking at the airport (29%) and not drinking. worry about money (29%).

Wearing swimsuits as underwear (26%), chatting with strangers (23%), and being completely tech-free (21%) also make this list.

It also found that nine in ten (91%) confess to having a “holiday alter ego”, with 17% claiming to have missed out on “vacation for them” during the pandemic.

With tourism set to explode again in 2022, the study has been commissioned by Walkers, Doritos and easyJet Holidays to celebrate a new partnership, giving Britons the chance to win a holiday every hour.

Almost a third of Britons don’t worry about money when they’re on holiday


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Katherine Cook, spokeswoman for Walker“After years of travel restrictions, we know the whole country has missed out on the freedom to travel and make memories with friends and family on holiday, and in turn miss out on the fun,” said. and more carefree than theirs.

“Our research shows how much Britons enjoy their holidays – letting all their worries and sense of self pass while abroad.

“The list of holiday moments includes a variety of food and fashion related scenarios, reflecting how people became more carefree during their vacation, suggesting a positive behavior change.

“So what better way to celebrate the return of summer than by reuniting our customers with their beloved vacations abroad?”

The study also found that good weather (43%), anonymity (29%) and increased confidence (17%).

Those aged 18-24 are more likely to have a change in holiday habits, with 97% of this age group claiming to act differently while abroad.

Yet while this declines slightly from generation to generation, even 89% of over-65s admit to having a “holiday version” of themselves.

More than half of adults (53%) prefer their own version of the holiday, claiming that they are happier (57%), carefree (52%) and happier (45%) than the informed selves. usually theirs.

Among those with a “holiday alter ego,” the personality change was more likely to show up at the airport (33 percent), while for some it occurred while they were packing. (17%) or the time they left the office continued (17%).

And 1/5 dress more daringly than they usually wear at home


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In addition to adopting their altered holiday selves, many also revamped their image abroad, with 20% choosing to “express” themselves with bolder fashion choices.

When it comes to crimes against holiday fashion, men are the more guilty party – with 1 in 10 claiming socks and sandals look good, compared with 4% among women.

More than 12% favor a holiday bag, compared with 7% of women, while more than one in 20 men (6%) even go out and wear a mankini while abroad.

Other bold holiday fashion choices worn abroad include straw felt hats (17%), kaftan (11%), and Hawaiian shirts (11%).

Additionally, although a quarter (26%) insist on wearing swimsuits instead of underwear while abroad, a third consistently buy more lingerie than they need, packing an extra five pairs on average.

Beyond fashion choices, freshly tanned skin proves a bonus for couples, with nearly one in ten (8%) claiming to prefer their partner’s tan.

And the same number (8%) of those polled, via OnePoll, even claimed to like the dreaded tan t-shirt – 12% of men versus 5% of women.


  1. Eat out everyday
  2. Drinking at the airport
  3. Don’t worry about money
  4. Drink before midday
  5. Staying up later than usual
  6. Eat dessert everyday
  7. Eat cheese and cold cuts for breakfast
  8. Wear swimsuits instead of underwear
  9. “Steal” toiletries from the hotel

  10. Make friends with random people

  11. Snacking more often

  12. Daytime nap

  13. Chat with strangers

  14. Wandering barefoot

  15. Drink complex cocktails

  16. Eat lots of ice cream every day

  17. Pause technology

  18. Combine multiple dishes in one sitting at the hotel buffet (e.g. Chinese noodles with Spanish tapas)

  19. Read a book or listen to an audiobook

  20. Go to a restaurant, bar or shop with just your swimsuit

  21. Wearing bolder clothes than usual

  22. Going to bed later than usual

  23. Wear a beggar bag or money belt

  24. Hair “au naturel”

  25. Let the kids stay up later than usual

  26. Going out without makeup

  27. Deliberately catching bad tan lines

  28. Get up earlier to book a sunbed

  29. Get a brown t-shirt

  30. Take a selfie with a swimsuit

  31. Dance in front of others in a bar, restaurant or club

  32. Get up earlier for activities like sunrise yoga or morning hikes

  33. Stay up all night

  34. Let the kids sleep later than usual

  35. Eat crisps like a meal

  36. Eat ice cream or dessert for breakfast

  37. Get a massage on the beach

  38. Going out without a bra or bra

  39. Join karaoke

  40. Have a romantic vacation

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