Top office habits revealed as ‘living with Covid’ plan unfolds – like smelly food

One in five workers asked their boss about buying office hygiene products – half expressed concern about returning to the workplace after years of working from home during the Covid pandemic.

One in five workers talked to their boss about placing cleaning supplies around the office for shared use
One in five workers talked to their boss about placing cleaning supplies around the office for shared use

Are you guilty of committing one of the seven deadly office sins illustrated in this hectic work scene?

Designers have created an image of how UK offices might look if staff reverted to their old ways. Boris Johnson proposed “living with Covid” plan.

While some office workers may still wear masks in an effort to be considerate of others, there are many key sins illustrated that won’t be well received by co-workers – but you can Discover them all?

The quiz comes as research reveals some of the biggest problems in offices – including sitting in small meeting rooms with lots of people, having to sit at a hot desk and not being able to wear comfortable clothes anymore. .

Can you spot the seven office sins that are workers’ biggest grudges?


Essity / SWNS)

A survey polling 2,000 office workers found that the most common groans have evolved during the pandemic, with one in five no longer liking it when co-workers approach.

Another quarter – just like the pre-lockdown – rated others for coughing and sneezing without putting their hands in front of their mouths.

People who don’t seem to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, don’t clean regularly, or open windows without checking in with coworkers nearby are also frustrating.

While the bulk of the paper used on printers and others spread out on their own, also made the top 50 list.

Employees also get frustrated with co-workers who leave their lunch dishes lying around and don’t think twice about throwing tissues on the floor.

Up to 42% of employees admit that they are much more uncomfortable with their surroundings once they have returned to the office.

And four out of ten people are less tolerant of co-workers, bosses and customers than they were before the pandemic.

A spokesman for health and hygiene company Essity, which carried out the study, said: “Office clamps have always existed, but the global pandemic and the growing focus on hygiene and health. Our own health has changed the behaviors we find frustrating today. start going back to the office more often.

“Poor hand hygiene, having a cough or cold, and not showing any interest or courtesy towards being eco-friendly all made it to the top of our larva list.

“For employers, now is the time to take steps to reduce any chance that these nasty acts in the office upset employees who are being welcomed back later. a long time at home.”

Nearly half of all office workers will have no problem wearing a mask at work, if asked


Hollie Adams / Bloomberg / Getty Images)

Hygiene standards in the office have become a concern for nearly half of the respondents.

As a result, more than a quarter (28%) now bring their own cutlery to work, while 38% clean their own workspace daily and four in 10 bring soap or utensils Hand washing.

Another 24% have tried to avoid using public transport since returning to the office, preferring to walk or use personal vehicle and 44% do not think about wearing a mask at work, if asked bridge.

More than a third now refuse to participate in the tea round and bring their own cups to work when they want to brew.

Employers have several ways to keep employees happy, as 36% say they want a daily cleaning regimen that includes cleaning desks and common areas and 31% want things like towels Anti-bacterial wipes are available around the building.

One-fifth of workers spoke to management about getting recyclable items such as tissues and hygiene products for employee use.

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While 18% have asked bosses to provide appropriate recycling bins, and a quarter (24%) want them to address the overall temperature of the building.

Clearance between desks, getting rid of single-use items like plastic cups, and turning off electrical appliances were all things workers tried to do with their superiors.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than two-thirds of office workers say their workday can be ruined by a few buggies, and nearly half admit they feel really anxious when back to work.

The average worker, polled via OnePoll, admits to grumbling up to a quarter of an hour a day – about things like people talking loudly, slow computers, IT problems and The phone rings continuously.

An Essity spokesperson added: “There are many small measures employers can take to make the workplace a better space for workers.

“Whether it’s improving recycling practices, making offices more hygienic, or creating a comfortable environment for workers around them, small steps go a long way. long.”


  1. People say it out loud
  2. People cough and sneeze without putting their hands in front of their mouths
  3. People who come to work when they are sick
  4. Computer running slow
  5. IT problems
  6. The toilet smells
  7. People who leave dirty dishes in the sink
  8. People don’t wash their hands after using the heater
  9. Dirty pedestal/bowl
  10. Computer crashes
  11. People don’t clean their microwaves when their food is spilled
  12. People who are too close to you when talking to you
  13. People who wear masks under their noses when asked to wear masks
  14. Damaged printer
  15. Someone sucks the boss’s cock
  16. Someone cooks smelly food at lunch
  17. Someone claims to be sick when you know they’re not
  18. Food stored in the refrigerator is past its expiration date
  19. Phone rings continuously
  20. Someone opens the window in winter when it’s cold and the heating is on
  21. Freezing cold air conditioner
  22. Vaccine / Covid conspiracy theorists
  23. People who don’t think twice about throwing tissues all over the toilet floor
  24. Having to sit in a small meeting room with many people
  25. Lights on in the room unnecessarily
  26. People leave packages/junk on desks/in meeting rooms
  27. Lunch items left on the desk
  28. Hotdesking
  29. People who refuse to recycle
  30. People who open windows without checking with the people around
  31. Flickering fingers on shared keyboard/mouse if hotdesking
  32. Can’t wear comfortable clothes
  33. People don’t put a new toilet roll in the holder
  34. People who do not clean regularly
  35. Empty milk carton in the fridge
  36. People leave unfinished food in the fridge/kitchen
  37. People print out huge documents and waste paper
  38. Can’t listen to music
  39. People “spread” their desks onto yours
  40. What’s Wrong in the Recycle Bin?
  41. Competition for parking
  42. No one said thank you
  43. People who initiate phone conversations without any happy words first
  44. People who sing or whistle without realizing it
  45. No recycling bins
  46. People put food in bins right next to your desk
  47. Someone turned on the air conditioner and opened the window
  48. No air conditioning
  49. Someone stole your favorite mug
  50. People who hang up without saying goodbye

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