Top signs your life is too busy – including waking up late and confusing words

Almost half of Brits feel there are not enough hours in the day as they struggle to strike a work-life balance

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Radio 1’s Christ Stark surveys the public about stress

The main signs that you are too busy are the jumbled words, the jumbled days of the week, and the feeling that the workday will never end.

Accidentally leaving the phone at home and waking up late were other telltale signs of having too much on your plate.

Also on the list are wanting an early night, skipping dinner, and feeling like it’s been a long week—until Tuesday.

Just like calling a colleague by the wrong name, forgetting to brush your teeth and contemplating a nap at your desk.

More than half of those surveyed admitted to running from meeting to meeting, and many admitted to skipping lunch twice a week because they were too busy.

Many very busy Brits have thought about taking a nap at their desk during the workday


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The study of 2,000 workers, commissioned by Natural Energy Drink Purdey’s, found that two-thirds were told by someone else to take a break — although only one in six followed the advice.

Three quarters also said they struggle to find time for themselves, with almost half (48%) feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day.

A spokesman for the brand, which has teamed up with Radio 1’s Chris Stark to encourage workers to take a break, said: “When life gets hectic sometimes you need to take time out to refresh your body and mind to refocus delve into madness.

“Research has shown that an incredible number of workers push themselves hard without taking a moment to recharge their batteries.

“Some people live for fast-paced lifestyles, so it’s about making sure there’s a good balance.”

Almost four in ten prioritize others over themselves – while just under a third prioritize work over well-being.

Almost one in five people often works late – which is why 47% struggle to find their work-life balance.

Staring aimlessly at their phone and mistakenly sending embarrassing emails are things that happen at work because they are busy.

Almost half of weary Brits turn to coffee for a boost


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One in six has even admitted to dozing off at their desk and 44% have missed a social event due to their hectic schedule.

When looking for a boost, nearly half (47%) poured themselves a coffee, while more than a quarter opened an energy drink, according to OnePoll data.

During a busy week, 43% find it difficult to focus on the task at hand – as going to bed early, taking a quiet walk and listening to music are the main ways adults try to rejuvenate themselves.

More than six in ten said it’s important to get a quick and easy boost of energy during a busy day.

Chris Stark added: “Balance is key but not always possible – the feeling of being constantly on the run is a familiar feeling for all of us!

“But there are many ways to get through these busy days. The study showed that people are always looking for a quick and easy boost.”


  1. her words confused
  2. I got the days of the week mixed up
  3. Thought the workday would never end
  4. Told everyone how busy they are
  5. woke up late
  6. Left your cell phone at home
  7. You’re stuck at your desk all day
  8. Went out to eat or drink but was dying to go home to bed
  9. I couldn’t find time to eat until dinner
  10. Lists everything they need to do instead of proceeding with it
  11. Forgot to turn off the trash cans
  12. Had back-to-back-to-back meetings
  13. Said it’s been a long week on a Tuesday
  14. Accidentally liked a social media post they didn’t want
  15. Forgot to plan tea/buy ingredients
  16. Called a colleague with a wrong name
  17. forgot to brush your teeth
  18. Been on their feet so long during the day that they couldn’t feel them anymore
  19. Forget where you parked your car
  20. Forgot to put on deodorant
  21. Contemplated a nap at her desk
  22. Put on weird socks
  23. Forgot your laptop charger
  24. Forgot to mail an important letter
  25. Forgot a loved one’s birthday

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