Torchlight Infinite Preview – A torch with a bright future

When Echtra Games decided to change direction Torchlight: Border in 3 . Flashlight, there are quite a few players who are pleased with the redoubled focus on the action RPG fundamentals that have made the series so popular. Unfortunately, the game didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, so it’s really no surprise that XD develops their mobile game, Torchlight Infinitethat they acted as if 3 . Flashlight never happened. So XD intends to deliver on every point that made the series so great in the first place. Check out this list of good and bad Torchlight Infinite must be available from closed beta on mobile devices.

Torchlight Infinite where to welcome 200 years from Torchlight II ended, in an era where Ember technology was pervasive all over the world. As Ember’s corruption begins to unfold, which heroes will stand between the innocent and those who want to ravage the lands? Torchlight Infinite start of closed beta on January 18orderand it will run for a total of 6 weeks on both Android and iOS before ending. For those wondering why they don’t see it on the Playstore, Torchlight Infinite at this stage is a Exclusive TapTap, is a third-party app store – one co-founded by XD himself. The current phase of the closed beta will allow players to:

  • Test 4 of heroes
  • Experience 24 talent trees
  • Get over 200 pieces of legendary equipment
  • Follow the narration throughout 3 chapters of the story full of cutscenes

After playing the game for a few days, I can get many characters to level 60 and above. The max level for the closed beta is 99, and levels will slow down a bit after the story ends, but there’s still plenty of content there for you to get through, even at this stage of development. Here’s a quick breakdown of the good and bad I’ve experienced so far:

Good: Action RPG gameplay is Top Notch

If you are a fan of ARPG, then you are probably no stranger to Torch light series. Luckily, XD doesn’t go too far from what Torch light fans know and love. The combat feel is responsive, even on mobile, and the touch controls provide an easy way to plan skill placement without too much fuss. By sliding your thumb around the screen like an analog stick, you can change the direction of your ability on the fly. You can do this with each ability you choose or, you can simply tap each ability to fire them at will. The best part? No autoplay. Everything you do is based on the skills you choose and the choices you make in combat. It’s definitely one of the best-feeling combat systems on mobile.

Torchlight Infinite also uses a lot of enemies with very specific attack patterns, including bosses. While you may have a few special ties that can ruin your day when you get to the Netherrealm, for the most part, as long as you pay attention to your enemies, even if you’re underpowered, you have can win as long as you know the pattern.

Bad: Gear overload starts early and gets worse

Gears are always very large in Torch light and Infinite Is no exception. Very soon you will get a lot of gear drops, all of which you will need to sift through. It’s always fun to look through your loot after you complete a quest, but given the amount of gear you end up getting, I had to expand my inventory so many times to accommodate it. everything, even just from a . In live game this will probably cost you some money, how much, we can’t really say at the moment.

The number of devices you earn is not the only problem, but also the difficulty of finding the device you want. For example, for my minion crafting character, my DPS is zero, since all my damage doesn’t come from weapons, by my minions. That means a lot of gear is important to me, only minion stats and no easy way to find the pieces that make sense to me, among dozens of other pieces that are worthless. Even on characters that don’t have hard-to-find stats, such as minion-based stats, sorting the gear pieces by any particular stat or special ability, makes things easy. much more and reduce the time I have to go through my gear, between adventures.

Good: Customization for skills and buildings is legendary


During the closed beta, we have access to 4 classes, with 24 talent trees and tons of skills to choose from. After a short tutorial, you’ll be able to choose one of the 6 talent trees to start your journey with. Then at level 20 you will be able to choose one of the 3 extra trees from the original talent tree you chose. You’ll eventually be able to choose a third subclass from any talent tree, which will open up a lot of opportunities if you want to branch out into entirely new fields.

Players will also be able to get pact spirits, which you’ll need to roll out to get in the cash shop. You get some free reels by completing the season pass, and you can earn crystals to buy reels or other items in the cash shop by completing achievements. The pact spirits grant you a passive bonus that you can change based on the 3 treaty spirits you choose.

With 200 skills and a number of additional bonuses you can apply to them through the use of Skill Energy, there are many ways to build a unique character capable of defeating a wide range of enemies. in a second. The customization doesn’t stop there either. The closed beta also gives players a chance to play around with their crafting system, the enchantment system, and the gears power-up system. While each of these gear enhancement systems could use some extra love before full release, they’re just another avenue for players to create unique, powerful characters.

Bad: Netherrealm Beacons are annoying


During the closed beta, players will have access to Netherrealm, which is a list of worlds separated by tiers called timelines. You also earn Cinders to open up new kingdoms, with different enemies and different rewards. To get through the timelines of the different worlds, you need to capture the attention of your Watchers, which requires you to complete specific stages that will raise your Viewer level. Once you have completed the required number of levels, the Watcher trial will open and you can fight the final boss to increase your timestamp level, which increases the difficulty of the enemies, but also increases the level equipment that you can get.

The only problem? Joining these levels requires you to have the signal for the levels you need. The beacons are randomly dropped by practically any enemy, and that means you may not always get the beacons you need to move forward. At a time, I only needed one stage to transition to the next datum, but I couldn’t get the cue I needed to drop, so I had to play the other stages over and over again until finally I get the last signal needed to move up to the next datum. Banning your progress on the RNG is never a good thing.

Good: Laying the groundwork for Diversity and Multiplayer

Torchlight InfiniteClosed beta of mostly single player. You can’t team up with anyone, you can’t rush into dungeons with friends, and you can’t see other heroes running their business in a town center as they gear up for next adventure. However, you can chat with other players through the in-game chat interface. There is an auction house that allows you to buy and sell legendary items that you may no longer want. Torchlight Infinite expressed that they will eventually have multiplayer, and so far, the closed beta has shown that they are laying the groundwork to do so.

Torchlight Infinite will also be a cross-platform game. That means that, while only mobile players will be able to participate in the closed beta right now, we could see the game transition to PC or console into a later date. day after that. It’s great that you can play a game you love anywhere, on any platform and Torchlight Infinite certainly an ARPG could fit that bill.

Bad: Sealed Mana could be better balanced


In Torchlight Infinite players will be able to acquire passive skills, most likely requiring some of your energy to be sealed in order to use it. The sealed energy will release some of your energy so you can’t use it, and in case you seal too much of your energy, you won’t be able to use the skills anymore. This sounds like a great way to balance skills, but in practice it’s very difficult, because too many passive skills consume too much sealing energy, so it’s hard to add three passive skills that can be used immediately without being left behind. almost no mana. Some passive skills take up 50% of your entire mana bar, just for a passive bonus!

There are ways to trade your health for energy with a price transfer skill, and you can reduce the amount of mana when sealing a passive skill with a limited skill or through specific talent trees, but often, especially in the early game, you have to choose whether you want to do the health penalty or have a useable passive skill. Hopefully this will be a bit better balanced in the future.

Let the torch burn bright

XD did a great job in creating Torchlight Infinite a fun ARPG and even though I ran into some issues, I can’t wait until the game comes out. You’ve got a chance to play Torchlight Infinite closed beta? Are you looking forward to the game on mobile devices or other platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Torchlight Infinite Preview – A torch with a bright future

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