‘Traitors’: Trump-loving Hecklers stalk Mike Pence at Iowa State Fair


Former Vice President Mike Pence kept up the good work as several Trump supporters smiled at him at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday.

Pence, in a video shared by Iowa starting lineHe was on his way to a radio interview at the fairgrounds when a group of people wearing “Team Trump” shirts shouted in his direction.

“Maga every day, Pence is a traitor,” shouted one woman as former President Donald Trump’s vice president walked by.

“Anyone who says they have a higher power uses those words, they are not a Christian when you say ‘higher power.'” As believers, we don’t believe that, Pence. You are far from a Christian, far from a believer.”

The woman later told reporters that Trump was the guy who would “clean up” corruption. according to a video shared by Camaron Stevenson, founding editor of The Copper Courier.

“I’m going to vote for the man with the most impeachments and the most indictments because this guy knows where all the corruption is and this time it’s about cleaning the house,” the woman said.

One of the supporters told Iowa Starting Line that they were part of a Trump volunteer group at the fairgrounds.

The heckling marked the second time in recent days that Trump supporters have stalked Pence on the campaign trail.

Pro-Trump hecklers chanted, “That’s a traitor,” “You’re a traitor,” and “Why haven’t you upheld the Constitution, sir?” before Pence fired back at an event in New Hampshire last week.

“I have complied with the Constitution,” he told the heckler, before adding, “Read it,” in another defense of his decision to confirm the 2020 election results.

Other show-goers weren’t shy about bringing up the events of January 6, 2021, when a person asked Pence at an event hosted by the Des Moines Register, “Why did you commit treason?”.

“That’s a fair question, look folks, that’s why I came,” Pence interjected over a booing crowd.

Pence continued to reflect on his oath of office before recommending the man read Article II of the Constitution.

“You see, there’s almost no idea more un-American than the idea that anyone can vote for America’s president,” he said.

“The American Presidency belongs to the American people.”

Pence’s campaign team recently announced that it had reached the donor threshold for the first GOP debate later this month, although it remains unclear whether Trump will attend the event.

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