Traitor’s winners revealed in dramatic finale

Meryl, Hannah and Aaron were crowned the winners of the new reality show Traitors in a dramatic finale where traitor Wilfred nearly stole the entire jackpot.

The BBC show, which began airing last month, saw 22 strangers play the “ultimate game of detection, backstabbing and trusting” at a castle in the Scottish Highlands in hopes of winning. big.

Throughout the series, the four players are considered secret traitors and are tasked with “killing” other loyal contestants, while the latter must eliminate the traitors and “deport” them. they.

After weeks of dangerous play, Thursday’s episode saw the five finalists drop to the final three winners, who will split the £100,000 prize money equally among them.

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However, victory didn’t come easy as they first had to complete a tough challenge with comedian Hannah, 32, and real estate agent Aaron, 24, tasked with jumping from a helicopter to a lake where they must swim to the buoy to reveal. numbers.

The numbers helped call center worker Meryl, 25, solutions consultant Kieran, 42, and senior fundraiser Wilfred, 28, decrypt the padlock that opened the map and the key to one. jet skis that they used to go to a number of treasures and various cash vaults.

They successfully discovered £20,000, bringing the final jackpot total to £100,000.

Tensions then grew at the roundtable as they all made their cases about who they thought was a loyalist and who might actually be a secret traitor, to all the contestants. voted in favor of Kieran while he voted for Wilfred.

Before Kieran confirmed he was indeed a traitor, he stirred up more drama in response to Wilfred for getting others to team up against him by saying that his vote for the meeting. The high-profile fundraiser was a “parting gift”, prompting the other contestants’ to start questioning if he was also a traitor.

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Wilfred gave a final begging speech to try to fool his competitors that he was a loyalist in an attempt to steal the entire jackpot, issuing an ultimatum that he will never speak to any of them again if they banish him at the eleventh hour.

When it came time for the four to finally decide if they were loyalists and wanted to end the game or banish one more player, Meryl and Wilfred chose to end while Aaron and Hannah said they were too much. suspect Wilfred.

The final vote saw Wilfred banished from the game, which made him feel relieved that he could finally stop lying to people and reveal that he really is a traitors while the other three are all loyalists.

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Then he said, “I literally just lost over a hundred thousand dollars on these three amazing people and I’m really glad they’re happy. No more pressure, no more money. It doesn’t matter, I’m happy. I enjoyed my time.”

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After the win, Aaron revealed that he used his winnings to put down a deposit to buy a house for his mother and that he plans to travel in the new year, which he hopes will help kick-start YouTube career through travel recording.

He said he doesn’t think the show has affected his ability to trust others too much because he doesn’t want the experience to make him suspicious of people but he admits that he is “now There’s a little precaution.”

Meanwhile, Hannah, who has quit her day job and is using the money to pursue her comedy career, said it made her more cautious with others, joking: “I there will never be a relationship again.”

She added: “A lot of people have said it was really traumatic. I think we liked each other a lot until the end so whatever the outcome, we all want to be together.

Meryl revealed that she has also quit her call center job and hopes to become a TV presenter and plans to take advice from host Claudia Winkman.

She also feels the competition has made her more independent and confident, and has given her a platform to educate people about her dwarfism.

“I think a lot of times with my physical condition, many people recognize and doubt me so the reason I want to participate in the program and complete all the tasks, especially the physical ones, is to show people. at home. that I can do exactly like everyone else,” she said.

They all confirmed they had no ill will towards Wilfred after he nearly stole the entire prize fund for himself, Hannah said: “It means that Will graciously accepted the outcome. that he is a great guy.” Traitor’s winners revealed in dramatic finale

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