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Any business is associated more or less with routine tasks. That may be distracting and annoying. Another point is that any business is always associated with a huge number of business and employment-related negotiations. It is very difficult sometimes to find out what and when has been said. Where some good ideas or suggestions were missed?

Under such circumstances, it is impossible to take extra effort and overload your employees or yourself with trying to find out what has been said and the precious information you need for decision-making. But, there is also a good and professional alternative. It is possible to hire a transcriber and outsource all those routine tasks. Good transcription services always have facilities, software, and professional human transcribers to transfer your audio to text or any existing video to text in a few minutes or up to one day. So, let’s explore more precisely how content transcribed can help you in business?

What Is the Purpose of Transcription Software and How It Can Help Business?

Each business faces lots of problems because of the lack of information. Some ideas may be missed, some details may not be caught, and some information may be understood incorrectly. That may have a negative impact on the internal and external processes your company is related to.

For instance, you may have longer negotiations with your customers or business partners because of the missed information or inability to clarify everything in time. It is also possible to spend far more time discussing with your employees any matters without reaching the desired results just because of some missed details or ideas. Is that possible to prevent? That is surely possible thanks to transcription services.

How Transcription Services Can Help You?

If you are not sure whether to use transcription services, there are several ways for their application in your daily business life:

  • Increasing your sales and revenues

If you are dealing with lots of customers, you need to have enough information about each of them. For urgent cases, you may need to extract the exact info fast. If you have recordings only, that may take too long listening to those. But, if you have content transcribed, getting necessary information (ideas, figures, dates, etc.) may take a couple of minutes or less. The more information you have and deliver that in time, the better it is for your business, sales, relations with customers, and, subsequently, revenues.

  • Easy and convenient notes-making

During important meetings, it is necessary to take notes to prevent losing any important details or ideas. Making this in writing takes lots of time and can be counterproductive sometimes. If you use audio or video recording, you may release effort for doing other important things and don’t make any interruptions during the conversations.

  • Boosting SEO

If you want to make your website or other online resources more noticeable, it is always better to apply SEO tools and approaches for that. If you have video or audio recordings, making such content transcribed is the right solution for the convenience of your users and for making your website or other online resources more visible. You may insert keywords to the content transcribed and make it more reachable for review.

H4 Things Pay Attention to

There are different things to pay attention to while choosing your transcription software. Here are basic parameters to consider:

  • Accuracy of deliverables

Installing any transcription software and using any transcription services, it is always necessary to pay attention to the level of accuracy such options deliver. It should be 80%+. For more advanced options where progressive AI is applied, the level of accuracy may be much higher.

  • Time of procession

This is another factor that has an impact. Advanced tools and services enable getting quality results within a couple of minutes only. That is a fast and convenient manner of getting transcription results. If we speak about human-made transcriptions, the results can be delivered within 24 hours only or less, depending on the quality of recordings provided.

  • Security

This aspect matters a lot also. Pay attention to the service or software you choose. It should pay respect to privacy issues and be clear about telling customers about all purposes of data collection and processing.

  • Costs

Quality software should not cost too much also. If you wrongfully think that using such software or services should cost a lot for delivering truly quality results, that is not so. There are many options available that manage to provide cost-efficiency balance with final quality deliverables.

TOP Software Suggestions

If you are looking for a reliable transcription service that can help you with solving problems, here are the best options:


This company deserves first place in our rating. It offers both human-made and automated transcription services. If you have a recording of sufficient quality, you may easily use their automated services and get your content transcribed in a couple of minutes only. This company uses reliable and effective AI. So, we put it as the #1 option.


This company works worldwide and has rather good transcription software that delivers accurate results in most cases. You can expect getting here content transcribed with an accuracy level of 80%+.


The service works with recordings in 40+ languages and can help you with transcribing videos well. It uses effective AI for rendering services and ensures a level of accuracy of 80%.


This company is also a good one with the same level of accuracy of 80%+. It offers good-quality transcription services but also suggests many other features. You may get here auto-save and sync materials from the cloud storage you have. It is also allowed to import transcriptions made to combine with the media you have. Other features are also available.


This is one of the cheapest and quality services we have tested while making our rating. The service is available on different platforms and enables speaker identification and custom timestamps. The platform can provide you quick results and with a high level of accuracy – 80%+.


This service is very quick. It takes a couple of minutes only to transcribe content you have and convert such to the format you need. This platform provides not only automatic transcription but also voicing and captioning. The AI it uses is advanced and good.

Final Words

If you wish to get valuable information for your business, it is possible to extract that from the audio and video recordings you have. These may be calls and video conferences with your employees, customers, and business partners. It is easy to find out what was said and different ideas that could work well. Quality automated transcription services may unload you from various routine tasks you currently may be overloaded with. Release space for more important things and catch more good ideas that were expressed but not implemented yet. Faster, correct that.

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