Travis Kelce addresses Taylor Swift romance rumors

NFL player Travis Kelce addresses rumors that he is pop star Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend.

While appears on the “Pat McAfee ShowOn Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed how he tried to get his shot off with the pop star the two HI was “hanging out.”

“I told her, ‘I saw you rocking the stage at Arrowhead; You may need to stop by and check it out Me Rock a stage at Arrowhead and we can see which one is a little more lit,” the Super Bowl champion recalled, referring to the Chiefs’ home stadium.

Kelce added: “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

The footballer added that he found the gossip about his love life “weird” and compared the hearsay to a “game of telephone”.

“Nobody really knows what’s going on, especially when you see Jason Kelce on live TV telling people both sides,” he said, referring to his older brother, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and recently with some juicy ones Comments have fueled additional speculation.

The Eagles player sent fans astray after saying he believed the rumors about Swift and his little brother were “100% true” Wednesday on the “WIP Morning Show.”

“That’s hard to answer because I don’t really know much about what’s going on in Travis’ love life and I try to keep his business like his own business and stay out of that world.” Jason Kelce said.

“But having said that, man, I think they’re doing great and I think it’s all 100% true,” the NFL center cracked.

“Nobody knows what’s going on,” Travis Kelce said of the viral speculation about his love life with Taylor Swift.

Speaking to McAfee, Travis Kelce playfully scolded his older brother, telling McAfee that his brother was “absolutely ridiculous; He can’t stay out of the damn headlines.”

When McAfee asked the Chiefs player if he “hated” the attention he received from fans over his alleged romance with the “Bad Blood” crooner, he coyly replied, “No, I mean, it’s life “Baby.” I threw it out there, I threw the ball in her court.”

Representatives for Travis Kelce and Swift did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Earlier this month, Page Six reported that the 12-time Grammy winner and star athlete “hang out quietly” for weeks.

Neither Swift nor Kelce have publicly confirmed the reports.

In July on his podcast “New heights” Kelce described an earlier, very quick attempt to give his number to the pop singer who was currently with her Epoch tour.

“I was disappointed that she doesn’t speak before or after her performances because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs she sings,” he told his older brother at the time. “So I was a little upset that I couldn’t give her one of the bracelets I made for her.”

He added: “If you go to Taylor Swift concerts there are friendship bracelets and I got a few there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it.”

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