Trigger Point Episode 2 Review: Less of a Blast

Followed by the official HQ interview, giving us new blood in the form of Ralph Ineson’s Commander Bregman, Nadine MarshallHamilton’s DSU, and Kerry Godliman’s Sonya from Bomb Data. All three actors are great additions to any cast, but this is limited to making serious statements in formal jargon. “Theory when working?” Bregman said. “Triacetone Triperoxide,” says Sonya. Hamilton said: “Do not let the stone not tip over. “Don’t forget, they killed one of our Exhibitors.”

No one forgot, least of all Wash, who was traumatized by the death of his best friend whose tattoo matched him but was too macho to admit it. Instead of talking, Wash dismissed everyone’s concerns to varying degrees, and then floundered the next time she heard an explosion.

The combination of Wash’s strong, silent habits with the mournful atmosphere of Nut’s grieving colleagues created Activation Points less than one explosion this week. Scenes where Wash doesn’t dress up as a Sontaran to probe a rogue archive, or lie on the floor and say ‘shit’ feels strangely empty. The pub chain is supposed to give us Wash from every angle – soldier, daughter, sister, spouse, bereaved comrade, but her interactions are less. Unless Wash’s mom and dad (hello Kevin Eldon!) turned out to be the terrorist’s secret cell behind it all, what did their arrival add? Just because a TV character has a relative, doesn’t mean they have a personality.

Much more interesting are the scenes where Wash does the actual work. She doesn’t need a distinct personality to say things like “Danny, get the T-9”, “Go and get the breaker so we can separate the parts” or “Shiiit, mercury tilt switch! ” Equipment and processes remain attractive to outsiders. The heavy coat, the little robot, the scalpel, the natural glow stick they used to mark the trigger point (I just got it)… that’s what we’re here to see, so let’s move on.

We are also here to solve a mystery. Who is responsible for the Westhaven bombing? Why do bombers appear to have military-grade equipment and expertise but want the investigation to think they are amateurs? How can they be Islamic extremists and target a mosque? And how do far-right activist Andy Phelan and ‘British Flag’ rental racist Agatha Jack fit together? (Phelan’s history of carrying out racist and homophobic attacks, however, makes Wash wish that she’d leave him and that suicide shirt to it, however, who can know what she’s thinking?)

There’s also the mystery of newcomer Karl Maguire (played by Warren Brown – now also seen in the excellent BBC One thriller) Respondent), who revealed with a noisy story about leaving the army to fix motorbikes. What do we think, undercover police? Department of Investigation? Baddie radicalized? Trigger Point Episode 2 Review: Less of a Blast

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