Trigger Point’s Hot Questions is the most explosive episode yet to air on ITV

Trigger Point made ITV explode on Sunday night as a bomb squad battled to thwart a series of deadly attacks.

Vicky McClure stars as senior explosives officer Lana Washington, whose Joel and brother Billy were killed. Now, crooks have set up a whole street to blow up.

As the timer turns to tomorrow’s finale, we’re asking burning questions…

What does 1912 mean?

This puzzling clue has baffled fans since episode one, when the exhibit discovered the numbers 1912 engraved on a doorframe at an apartment where a bomb was connected.

From Line of Duty, we learn that creator Jed Mercurio loves planting clues, ciphers, and red strings, sparking fan theories about everything from the Titanic to the excessive amount of advertising. that we have to look at.

Vicky McClure as Lana Washington



By episode two, the police clearly admit they don’t know anything either. DI Samira Desai (Manjinder Virk) says: “It can be a cipher, a date, a signature, it can’t be anything.”

Later, some parts of the device used in the episode 5 university attack were recovered and revealed the number 1912 written inside. That is not random.

Is it a code, a time or a year? It was clear that the bombers were trying to send a message.

Terrorist group, or mastermind?

Just like in Line of Duty, we get the clear impression that there is a mastermind pulling the strings.

This may be the job of a terrorist group, but one person will be in charge.

John has received indications that he is probably not the mastermind behind the attacks – so who is?

There’s definitely a connection to Afghanistan. Sonia (Kerry Godliman) discovers that secret files on HMX-319 have been suspiciously deleted, but it’s safe to say that explosives were originally authorized for use in Afghanistan at least 10 years ago.

Fans are eager to know what will happen



It was probably taken by someone serving there at the time.

One suspect is dead, another is on the run, an entire street is about to explode, and someone is behind it all.

It was someone Lana slept with, a quiet officer we didn’t notice or H.

What’s next for Lana?

Whatever happens, we’ll need Lana more.

She says she’s fine, but she spends her working days on the impossible task “Which cord shall I cut?” moment and have watched her best mate and brother blow up within weeks.

And we know she’s traumatized because she’s basically an emotional cyborg, then comes home and gets smashed for gin and dances in the dark to lousy music. You only do it when you’re sad. Or blame yourself.

She needs to give up both men, both of whom she doesn’t seem to mind, and then get a job at Starbucks. Somewhere less likely to involve death and explosives.

Well maybe in just a few months… we would love if this was staged for a second series.

DCI Thom Youngblood



Will they catch Judas John?

Lana suspects John Hudson of being a traitor – and no one believes her.

But now it appears that John is a military-trained bomb-maker, while Frank Welsh is the trigger.

When the Welshman was shot dead by a police sniper, John went on a run while appearing to be sending a text message on his phone – seconds after the bomb went off.

The university bomb used the explosive HMX-319, with more mixture found at John’s apartment. Now, they believe he posed as a gas engineer to install all the gas meters on a street for the far right’s next attack.

Where is he and why did the police investigate him without uncovering any evidence? It seems odd that an AZ man scribbled with terrorist targets isn’t on their watch list. And can we trust a gas man again?

Who texted John before the bombing?

Before John triggered the bombing at the college, which was hosting a radio program about the upcoming by-election where Radical Union candidates were in attendance, John received a message.

It seemed to make him take action to explode – so who was it?

This must have been someone who knew that Frank Welsh was killed, which suggests that it was a police officer or bomb squad member on the ground.

Did John also help change all the gas meters? Seems like a big job for a man.

In other mystery criminals news, we also learn that Billy is living with his friend in Streatham but spent an hour at an unknown address in Brixton before embarking on his doomed trip to Farringdon station.

Who did he visit? Frank Welsh, or someone else?

Could Lana’s lies be in trouble?

She may look cool in her Ray-Ban suit and the knot on her head, but oh my god can she talk to a man that easily.

In her interview with police about Billy’s death, she said that she was with colleagues Danny and Mark in the pool lounge – she was actually with her lover Karl.

She also said that Billy did not exhibit any extreme behaviour.

Oh, what about that time he smashed the window of a Halal butcher? Right.

Youngblood came up with the lie about the pool lobby after an easy check of the quest log.

Will the police find out she lied about her brother’s racist attack?

She’s clearly respected as one of their finest exhibits, but lying – and drinking – can come back to bite her. Is there something else she is hiding?

DI Kate Fleming would never stand for this nonsense.

Is Lana’s lover or boyfriend baddie?

Oh, we love a bent bronze, mother of god so do we.

And that cop boyfriend, DI Thom Youngblood (Mark Stanley) is giving us creeps.

He was always there, staring at Lana suspiciously. But maybe he just really liked her ponytail?

He spreads her lie about the pool lounge and realizes that she saw someone else behind his back. He also apologized for doubting her about Bad John. But the ranking glances and side glances left us wondering. Should someone call AC12?

Marianne Hamilton and Samira Desai



Supporting him for his shyness despite being part of Lana, Karl (Warren Brown), whose main job in the series seems to be standing around looking sly.

He is a military veteran and suffers from PTSD – a red sign, as military affiliations are suspected.

Is Karl close to Lana because he’s working with terrorists?

Or is he just a little intense?

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