Trump Audio: The Weird Shoutout Everyone’s Talking About


Donald Trump loves Diet Coke so much he reportedly had a button on his desk in the Oval Office for summoning the drink during his presidency. Now, the soft drink suddenly and unexpectedly plays a part in the confidential documents scandal through a surprising outcry in incriminating new audio recordings from the former president.

in tone, obtained from CNNTrump admits to having kept documents confidential after leaving the White House and knowing they remained confidential.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Trump crows in the recording, then says to someone, “Hey, bring in some cokes, please.”

Trump pleaded not guilty earlier this month after being indicted on 37 counts related to alleged mishandling of classified materials and obstructing government efforts to recover them.

But on Twitter, Trump’s critics couldn’t get over the surprise appearance of a soft drink at the end of the recording, which “cola” on the trend on Twitter:

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