Trump completely misunderstands the Fox News segment

Celebrating a “Fox & Friends” segment on Sunday, Donald Trump said the hosts were right in praising the immense power of his political supporters, while a Fox News host actually claimed the opposite.

“Rachel Campos-Duffy and Will Cain, two great people (along with Pete Hegseth!), were right at Fox & Friends this morning,” the former president said wrote on Truth Social.

“Almost 99% of the people I support in a Republican primary WIN! “A Trump endorsement will advance your career, a TRUMP FIGHT MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT!” Over 75,000 people turned out for our incredible rally in South Carolina yesterday, despite a temperature nearing 100 degrees. It was amazing, people were great. Thanks Pickens!!!” he continued.

In fact, Campos-Duffy and Cain did not say so.

Hegseth’s substitute, Joey Jones, actually argued the opposite Mediaite marked.

“A Trump endorsement will not give you a career. “Refuting Trump won’t destroy your career,” Jones said. “Do you agree with Trump’s policies? That is what will matter to the American people.”


Donald Trump/Truth Social

The discussion was triggered by Trump’s weekend rally in Pickens, South Carolina. Though he’s in the home state of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a longtime Trump ally didn’t vote for it When the former president attempted to overturn the 2020 election, the senator was booed off the stage.

Jones went on to note that while Republicans remain “very loyal to Donald Trump,” they also “are not fully aware of what the policy is and how it is being implemented.”

“You can go to states like Georgia and see politicians who have America First on their agenda but don’t have a good relationship with Donald Trump. And they’re very popular,” he said.

“You can go to states like South Carolina and see a career politician who is seen as part of the establishment of the military-industrial complex who probably has a very different opinion than Donald Trump has on Ukraine, and even if Donald Trump is there, they are it.” They say, ‘No, we don’t need you anymore.'”

In November’s midterm elections, 82% of Trump-backed candidates won their elections. according to an analysis by the New York Times. The Times noted, however, that the vast majority of those approvals went to incumbents and candidates who were heavily focused on victory.

In more competitive races, Trump did not fare well. Of the five candidates he supported in a competitive House of Representatives election, none won. And out of seven races in six states in which Trump’s super PAC invested money, only one candidate prevailed.

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