Trump’s most worrying transfer of power from an ex-adviser’s perspective


Alyssa Farah Griffin, former Trump White House communications director, pointed out Monday what she thinks is one of the most troubling aspects of former President Donald Trump’s alleged plan to expand the president’s powers if he wins the 2024 election.

Griffin told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she could “confirm everything.” New York Times article It said Trump would seek to enhance the president’s authority “over any portion of the federal government now acting by law or tradition, with a degree of independence from political interference from the White House.”

“Most of this was what the former president wanted to do in his first term, but aides like myself and others advised him against it,” Griffin said. At the time, aides argued it was “too unpopular with the public” and said Trump needed to focus on his re-election campaign, she added.

The part that “rang the alarm bells” the most about Griffin, however, was Trump’s desire to “make it so much easier, basically, to fire experts on career issues.”

“This is an attempt to make the government purely partisan and fill it with loyalists who will implement his plans,” she noted.

According to the Times, Trump would remove employment protections for civil servants “who are supposed to be bipartisan professionals and experts who are protected from being fired on political grounds.”

“Having been in the Trump White House during the COVID-19 crisis, I can’t really express how dangerous that would be,” Griffin said. “If we hadn’t had experts there.”

Trump routinely ignored the advice of public health experts during the pandemic, even irresponsibly touting disinfectant as a possible cure at one point, despite private awareness of the danger of the coronavirus.

The Times article is “an incredibly important piece of reporting that people need to pay attention to,” Griffin said resigned He leaves the Trump administration after his 2020 election defeat and now comments on the ABC panel show The View.

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