Tucker Carlson makes a bizarre RFK Jr. anti-vax analogy


Tucker Carlson on Thursday praised Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his anti-vaccine crusade, calling the longest running presidential candidate the “most censored celebrity in the United States.” (Check out the video below.)

“Kennedy is paying attention to the world around him,” Carlson said on his Twitter show. “You have to be willing to state the obvious.”

The “Tucker on Twitter” host took a strange flight to get his point across.

He challenged viewers to imagine they were on an airplane, suddenly smelled smoke and then saw it fill the cabin. People suffocate and one man begins to pray while the other passengers remain silent.

“So in a panic you yell at the flight attendant, ‘There’s smoke in the cabin.’ But she stares at you with hard eyes. “Shut up, racist,” she replies. “This is a dangerous Russian conspiracy theory. Stop spreading misinformation or I’ll call TSA and have you arrested when we land.'”

“It sounds like a fever dream, but it’s also pretty close to the experience you’re currently living in the United States. … Bobby Kennedy won’t stop asking and that’s why they hate him.”

Fast forward to 5:30 for Carlson’s airplane analogy.

But he has a fan in Carlson, who was Fox News’ most high-profile vaccination doubt before he was vaccinated in April.

“Thank you,” Kennedy wrote to Carlson on Twitter Thursday. “Thankful.”

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