Twisted husband forced wife to DECAPITATE his ‘love rival’ and drive 200 miles with his body


Perhaps it came as no surprise that on the night of September 19, 2020, Armando Barron checked his wife’s phone messages. Britany, then 31, had recently told him she wanted a divorce.

They had been together since they were teenagers and had three children. Barron, 30, was looking for answers as to why Britany said she no longer loves him.

He couldn’t bear the thought of his wife talking to other men. But unfortunately, Barron found something
on Britany’s Snapchat account.

She sent messages to a colleague at the medical production company where she worked in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

That man was Jonathan Amerault, 25, and he lived in Keene, 20 miles from Jaffrey, where he had just bought a new home. He
was an engineer who enjoyed hiking, climbing mountains and generally just being outdoors.

Jonathan and Britany had been working on a project together and exchanged messages. There was no evidence they were having an affair – but Barron found the news flirtatious and was furious.

That Saturday night, Jonathan received a message that would seal his fate. The following Monday, he failed to show up for work and was reported missing. His family and friends said they hadn’t heard from him in two days.

Investigators discovered that Britany had called her work the same day to say she would not be there. In fact, she said she would quit and never come back.

Jonathan Amerault died in a terrible attack

Two days later, hunters discovered a makeshift camp in a remote wooded area north of Errol, 200 miles inland.

They found Britany and told her she was camping in a restricted area and that she was in danger because it was near a bear baiting site.

They reported her to the authorities and conservation officials went in search of her. Britany was there alone. She had a badly injured face and two black eyes.

She said she “clears my head.” But a car was hidden under a tarp and when the police arrived they discovered it was Jonathan’s vehicle.

They also found a headless body wrapped in a tarp in a nearby creek. It was Jonathan – he had been shot and beheaded.

Britany was arrested and Barron was arrested shortly after driving his daughter near her home.

Why was Britany with the decapitated body of her dead colleague? When questioned by police, she made a shocking confession.

Jonathan’s death was brutal


Chris Murphy)

Britany was found with an injured face and Jonathan’s body


Chris Murphy)

She said after her husband found the messages between her and Jonathan, it sparked a heated argument. Barron had choked her and slapped her in the face.

Britany claimed he put a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her before leaving her children with a grandparent.

The couple had driven to Annett Wayside State Park in nearby Rindge, New Hampshire. They were in the car and Barron had taken his wife’s phone.

“We’ll text your little friend,” Barron reportedly told his wife.

Barron then texted Jonathan on Britany’s phone, luring him to the park. They had been lying in wait with a machete and a rifle. Britany said she was too scared to flee or get help.

When Jonathan showed up, Barron launched a disgusting attack – which ended with Jonathan being shot.

After that, Britany had been forced to drive Jonathan’s car and body 200 miles to the campsite with Barron following her and talking to her on the phone the entire time. He’d even stopped at a store along the way to get a tarp, lighter fluid, cleaning supplies, and a shovel.

They set up camp in the woods, where Barron reportedly demanded that Britany cut off Jonathan’s head with a saw. She did,
and it was buried separately. He then had his wife send messages to loved ones saying she was moving to New Mexico.

Britany was arrested and later took off a plea deal. In return for testifying against Barron, she pleaded guilty to covering up Jonathan’s murder. She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, but ended up serving only eight months.

Barron was charged with murder, and there were also charges of assaulting his wife. Even more horrifying details were revealed to the court during the trial earlier this year when Britany, now 33, took the witness stand and testified.

She said when Jonathan arrived at the state park, Barron began his attack, which continued into early morning the next day. “You’re trying to fuck my wife?” he said, according to Britany.

“And he starts hitting him,” Britany testified. Jonathan fell to the ground and Barron kicked him in the face. He pointed the gun at his wife and forced her to stand on Jonathan’s neck and slit his wrists.

When Barron hit him with a machete, he yelled, “Kill him. shoot him Do it.” She declined.

Jonathan was forced into his own car. Britany said Jonathan pleaded, saying: “I thought you were going to let me live.” Barron aimed his gun. “I think that makes us both liars,” he said, firing the gun three times.

Two bullets hit Jonathan in the chest and one in the head. Jonathan had defensive wounds where he had desperately tried to save his life.

Britany admitted she heard Jonathan moaning in the back seat as she drove to the campsite.

The noises eventually stopped. When asked about Jonathan in court, she described him as kind, sweet and funny. They went to a park one afternoon after work and talked.

“I said I couldn’t offer him anything more than friendship,” she testified, later giving him a quick kiss as they drove back to work so she could get her car. They shared another kiss during a break from work this week, a day before the lyrics were spotted.

When asked if she wanted a relationship with Jonathan, she said, “I thought there was potential, but I didn’t plan on having a relationship.”

Prosecutors said Barron was clearly guilty and Britany had been threatened with helping him.

“The defendant had all motives for killing Jonathan because he saw Jonathan as a man who had just started dating his wife,” the prosecutor said.

“A man who was at her place of work and whom he now knew was talking to his wife behind his back. The man he immediately saw as a rival.”

The killer will never be released from prison


Chris Murphy)

The defense said Britany’s version of events did not match the physical evidence – and that discredited her testimony. They said Britany killed Jonathan.

“Your claims are like something out of a TV movie, not real life,” they said. “You’re sensational, making Barron seem like a monster and her like a victim.” They also said Britany had had opportunities to escape.

But why should she admit to cutting off Jonathan’s head? If she blamed Barron for everything, why not say that he did too?

Last month, Barron was found guilty on all 13 counts, including kidnapping, assault and murder. He was also found guilty of assaulting his wife.

At the sentencing hearing, Jonathan’s mother Justine made a statement. She called Barron a “verminous, sneaky, murderous beast” and “lower than the excrement of filth”.

The judge was brutal with her delivery. “The depravity of your actions and the mere infliction of immense suffering and the death of Jonathan Amerault shows an extreme indifference to the value of human life,” she said.

She said the pain he caused him was unfathomable and she had no hesitation in inflicting a harsh punishment on him.

Barron, now 32, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus an additional 45 to 135 years.

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