Twitter users mock a right-wing podcaster’s desire to return to 1220


In fact, The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles said Thursday that he thinks life would be better if culture became as conservative as it was in 1220.

Knowles said on an episode of his podcast, “Americans are just as conservative today as they were back in 2012.” He cited, probably referring to, “Gallup polls.” this recently released poll This shows that about 38% of Americans identify as conservative or very conservative on social issues, compared to 33% and 30% in 2022 and 2021, respectively.

Though he felt this level of conservatism was “a good start,” Knowles admitted it wasn’t backward enough for him.

“I don’t want America to be as socially conservative as it was in 2012. I want our civilization to be socially conservative like it was in 1220,” Knowles said. “I don’t even want the 1950s. I don’t even want the 1880s. I want 1220. That would be a good place to land. At least I think we should be as conservative as before All modern ideology began to corrode our civilization.”

While Knowles is probably right that people in 1220 would likely find their counterparts in 2012 much more liberal by comparison, it seemed he hadn’t considered the full ramifications of his half-baked opinion.

Thankfully, Twitter users — both conservatives and liberals — were more than willing to show him the folly of his dream.

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