Two Summers: Bombshell of a blackmail sparks zigzag and gripping MeToo drama

Two summers Netflix

him 5 part Belgian TV series Two summers (Twee Zomers) begins with a blackmail case.

A middle-aged man, a wealthy politician, received a pair of documents. One is a video, recorded 30 years ago, of a drunken and drug-using moment in which he and his male friends are raping their unconscious female friend, now his wife. one of them. A second text warns the man that the video will be released next Monday unless he sends the blackmailer 100 Bitcoins (currently worth around 2 million euros).

Moments later the messages, with the politician still reeling from them, the man’s friends from his college days, including the man and woman in the video, and their partners , to his lavish island home for a weekend reunion.

These people have complicated histories with each other; There are wounds of old relationships and old grudges. Each of them has a legitimate motive for making the threat. The politician confided in his male friends from the video and a game of guessing took place.

Could the blackmailer be the victim? Did one of the men betray the others? And why wasn’t the tape destroyed?

At first, it unfolds like some kind of MeToo Agatha Christie, with the twist that it’s the victim, not the perpetrator.

As the men gesticulate their panic and scramble to understand the actions of their youth, we find their lives, past and present, lying bare. Sometimes their long conversations and the setting of the island house give the series the feel of a play.

They calculate the cost of potential exposure (“she will feel the last 30 years have been a lie”, the husband, who raped the woman who will become his wife, realizes) and desperately (“wasn’t all that of MeToo over anyway?”, another of them wondered, in a seemingly up-to-date comment, about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the return of various disgraced men, etc.

The story swings between recollections of a fateful few days in 1992 leading up to the horrific attack and today on the island. We saw men and women wondering about the path they had chosen in life (“you were on the right track at the time,” one of the women assured her friend).

We learn of a terrible tragedy that took the life of one of their teammates and bound them all together for life. The reveal happened mid-season but even that isn’t the full picture. The broader group is embroiled in intrigue and what once appeared to be a tale of revenge and guilt becomes a more nuanced portrait of the aftermath of disgrace.

Finally, as is often the case in historical sex crime cases, true justice remains elusive.

Video of the day

Two summers was a huge hit in its native Belgium when it was released in May. It’s one of a number of new series revolving around rape and the cultural landscape that has been forever changed by the MeToo movement. But where? Alba – a new Spanish film about a young woman drugged and raped during her student days – feels chillingly real, Two summers can be compared to movies like recent remakes I know what you did last summer.

Despite the dark themes, writers Paul Baeten and Tom Lenaerts never paid attention to the fact that they were creating accessible entertainment for a wide audience.

It has its flaws – the English dubbing is weak and it’s much more natural in the native Flemish (you can adjust the settings on Netflix).

There also seems to be little effort in casting young actors who look like their older counterparts, which requires a bit of mental cross-introduction. It could also be said that there was an overwhelming focus – especially initially – on the consequences of assaulting the men.

Still, it’s a story that feels very trendy – the smartphone age will mean we see more and more cases like the setup for Two summers – and never feel overwhelmed with the complex problems to be discovered. Many contextual flashbacks show that the worst crimes can come from the most mundane of circumstances, and although men have become pillars of society, some of the sexist attitudes of they persist from adolescence.

MeToo is still relevant that this series seems to suggest. And the bad old days aren’t over yet.

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