Ukraine crisis needs to accelerate the transition to green energy

Sometimes the moral stars align, where the right thing to do becomes obvious for some reason. This is one of such cases. We in Europe have been sleepwalking into both the climate crisis and the Vladimir Putinthe death of a hug by cultivating dependence Russian fossil fuels.

According to Eurostat, in the first semester of last year, 46.8 per cent of EU natural gas imports and 24.7 per cent of EU oil imports came from Russia. This gives Putin serious leverage over the EU.

We now have many convincing grounds for abandoning fossil fuel consumption. These include fighting climate change, breaking our dependence on polluting fuel supplies from autocraciesand undermine the geopolitical power and wealth these wicked regimes hold.

Also reducing the number of people who die every year from air pollution using fossil fuels (1 in 5 deaths worldwide, according to Harvard University research), all while creating millions of jobs. do.

We can achieve all of the above by switching to locally produced renewable energy. Was there ever no such wisdom?

Rob Sadlier

Rathfarnham, Dublin

By funding weapons, The EU is adding to the bloodshed

The The European Union and its predecessors including the single market have repeatedly claimed to be a peace project and have succeeded in promoting peace between the European warring parties involved in the two world wars. gender.

The EU’s decision to finance the purchase and transfer of arms worth 450 million euros to Ukraine represents the absurd reversal of this European peace project.

Unfortunately, the European Union and NATO in particular have failed to truly preserve peace in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders is one of the fundamental causes of this conflict. this conflict.

Delivering such a large number of lethal weapons into a war zone is likely to increase the death toll and inversely promote peace.

Edward Horgan

Castletroy, Limerick

With Putin’s participation, our prayers may fall on deaf ears

Do we Have a prayer when Vladimir Putin is so resilient? Back in the days of the traditional family rosary, I vividly remember my mother advising us to pray for President John F. Kennedy when he negotiated with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early years. 1960. It is questionable, however, is Putin’s involvement, if we have a prayer.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin

There’s no room for a veto in the UN

Clear There are 193 member states in the United Nations. The five permanent members of the Security Council each have veto power over all proposals and thus could paralyze the UN.

This means that Vladimir Putin can paralyze the UN simply by instructing a Russian Security Council member to use his veto power.

Was it not so long ago that the other 188 member states of the UN stated that if the 5 permanent members do not waive their veto power, the 188 members will resign from the UN and set up a separate body?

Brendan Casserly

Bishopstown, Cork

Our neutrality policy should be moved to the past

The Invasion of Ukraine was a turning point for Europe and it once again sheds light on our policy of neutrality in such events.

Neutrality was first introduced into Ireland not long after our separation from Great Britain before the outbreak of World War II. The reasons behind this decision back then were completely unrelated to the world we live in today. Ireland today is a modern, progressive Western country and a member of the EU.

Neutrality does not prevent a country like Russia from invading us, but rather our geographical location and physical proximity to Britain, where we enjoy the protection of our close neighbour. first and in turn it was Nato. This, along with our close relationships with the United States and other Western countries, only adds to the fact that our allegiance has been and always will be with Western democracy.

As a country that has long struggled for independence, we should do everything we can to help those who today have to fight for the freedoms we take for granted every day.

Neutrality is a policy and as it has been in Ireland in the past.

John Daley

Lucan, Co Dublin Ukraine crisis needs to accelerate the transition to green energy

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