Ukraine crisis: The mystery of the letter ‘Z’ on Russian cars raises fears of being attacked – World News

Russian forces painted a mysterious “Z” on their vehicles as they entered Ukraine – raising suspicions that it was an attack code.

The tag has been spotted on tanks, self-propelled guns, fuel trucks and supply vehicles amid fears of an invasion.

Moscow’s troops concentrated on Ukraine’s eastern flank now number more than 130,000 – with tens of thousands more collaborating with the Belarusian army in the north.

Warning of obvious aggression, Boris Johnson said: “The plan we are seeing is for what could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945.

“All indications are that the plan has begun in some sense.” Secretary of State James Cleverly said: “Everything we’ve seen shows that invasion is very, very, very likely and very, very imminent.”

Russia now has nearly 75% of conventional forces threatening Ukraine, according to US intelligence analysis.

Belarus unexpectedly announced yesterday that Vladimir Putin’s troops will stay in the country to participate in the exercises that were supposed to be over.

Russian armored vehicle painted with ‘Z’ is seen moving near the border with Ukraine


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About 30 Russian warships are concentrated in the Black Sea, threatening the southern coast of Ukraine. Throughout the weekend, pro-Russian separatists attacked civilian areas in the disputed Donbas region with artillery and mortar shells.

It is feared that Russia wants to provoke a major battle and use it as a ploy to invade the region on the pretext of protecting Kremlin-backed rebels. The military equipment frustrated “Z” – which raised fears of more fighting along the trenches – was located 6 to 25 miles from the border.

In one case, more than 200 military vehicles were seen around Bershakovo, Maksimovka and Shebekino in the Belgorod region.

The convoy included amphibious infantry fighting vehicles, demining vehicles, artillery and missile launchers.

Sometimes the letter “Z” – it sounds like a Western letter – is in a box.

More than 200 military vehicles were seen around the Belgorod region



Last year, the Mirror revealed that the Russian army had knocked out tanks with “invasion stripes” – a white line meant to show they were friendly to other Moscow forces. In a new suspected dangerous situation, the pro-Moscow rebel government in Donetsk claims to have arrested a Ukrainian spy who is said to be confessing that Kyiv aimed to capture Donbas.

It is believed that this is an attempt by Moscow in response to Western claims that Russia wants to create a fake text attack for the sake of war.

This would be by self-initiating an attack and then reacting to it as if it were Ukrainian forces.

Dubbed Anton Matsanyuk, the so-called spy conveniently confirmed a scheme put up for sale by Russia in recent days of a plan to invade Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk.

This detailed plan of attack, which fell into the hands of Donetsk intelligence officers, was broadcast on Russian television.

Russia now has almost 75% of conventional forces threatening Ukraine



Russia has expanded military exercises near Ukraine’s northern border.

The Russian exercises, originally scheduled to end on Sunday, have brought a sizable force to Belarus, which borders Ukraine to the north.

The presence of Russian troops has raised concerns that they could be used to sweep through the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

The announcement came from the Belarusian Defense Minister, who said the two countries would “continue to test response forces”.

Russia held nuclear exercises on Saturday as well as conventional exercises in Belarus, and naval exercises are taking place offshore in the Black Sea.

The US and many European countries have for months argued that Russia is trying to create cryptocurrencies to invade.

According to the latest assessment of US intelligence, Russia currently has nearly 75% of conventional forces threatening Ukraine.

The concentration of forces within the striking distance of Ukraine is very unusual


Alexander Reka / TASS)

Concentrating forces within striking distance of Ukraine is highly unusual and part of the reason the US believes Russia is ready to strike, one official said.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine could usher in Europe’s biggest conflict since the Second World War – and the opening phase may have already begun, Boris Johnson warned yesterday.

The Prime Minister fears that Vladmir Putin may have triggered the attack plan.

MPs are expected to debate the crisis today when Parliament returns from half a term in February.

The Prime Minister told the BBC yesterday: “The plan that we are seeing is for a war that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 in terms of sheer scale.”

“All indications are that the plan has begun in some respects – that’s the thinking of our American friends.”

Western intelligence agencies have pointed to potential “false flags” attacks that the Kremlin could create and exploit as a pretext for war.

Ukrainian civilians were on high alert for an invasion by Russian forces


Daily Mirror / Andy Stenning)

Over the weekend, explosions were heard in the disputed Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, where Moscow-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian government forces for the past eight years in clashes that About 14,000 people died.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called for an immediate ceasefire in the region.

“You’re seeing these provocations in Donbas, you’re starting to see these explosions and so on that we’ve been warning about for a long time,” Mr Johnson said.

The Prime Minister will return to Parliament today after a week of shuttle diplomacy across Europe aimed at preventing war.

But efforts to date have failed to rein in Russian aggression – and Mr Johnson forced to concede the threat of sanctions against individuals with links to Putin’s regime may not have prevented one. The invasion.

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A Russian invasion of Ukraine could usher in Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II



He concedes a UK-US joint venture to prevent companies linked to the Russian state from trading in pounds and dollars – a move he predicts will have a “very strong” impact on the Kremlin – possibly “insufficient”.

Moscow has called on NATO forces to leave the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries in Eastern Europe.

However, Western nations are deploying more troops to the region to counter threats from Russia.

The Prime Minister warned Putin: “If he thinks that he will have less NATO as a result of this, then he is completely wrong. He will have more NATO.”

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But Mr Johnson added: “For now we have to accept that Vladimir Putin may be thinking illogically about this and not seeing disaster ahead.”

The US Embassy in Russia last night warned Americans to prepare an evacuation plan.

The grim warning raised the threat of attacks in Moscow and along Russia’s border with Ukraine, prompting condemnation by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“There have been threats of attack against shopping malls, railway and metro stations as well as other public gathering places in major metropolitan areas, including,” the embassy said. both Moscow and St. speak.

“Consider your personal security plans,” the embassy said.

“There is an evacuation plan that does not rely on US government support.”

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