Unionists must condemn their hateful twelfth cohort

The burning of an effigy of Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill, a tricolor and a Palestinian flag, and election posters of nationalist and alliance politicians must be condemned and deplored by all, including those in the union community.

It shows that within the unionist community there is a cohort that has no understanding of culture or how to celebrate it. They have demeaned and subverted their own culture and replaced it with the corrosive culture of hate.

Their proclamations during the Twelfth Celebrations of “Taigs” and “F*** the Pope” show a community unable or unwilling to move from its siege mentality to where social and political norms are in mainstream society are and should be accepted.

This is not supported by those in the political arena who fail or refuse to participate in an executive body designed to ensure stability and growth in Northern Ireland.

If this is a celebration of the victory over a Catholic English monarch on Irish soil, what has the burning of effigy, flags and placards to do with a disagreement between two monarchs of non-Irish descent hundreds of years ago?

Is this the kind of all-Ireland we want – where two sections of society either praise terrorists or burn effigies to prove their culture?

Christy Galligan, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Additional spending on defense will help, but more is required

The government’s recent announcement to increase defense spending to LOA2 (Level of Ambition 2) by 2028 – as recommended by the Commission on the Defense Forces – is welcome but not ambitious enough.

Take our airspace, for example. Currently we cannot detect any aircraft with their transponders turned off as we do not have primary radar.

LOA2 would provide primary radar, but even if we spot such an aircraft, we can only politely ask the pilot to leave because we don’t have fighter jets to force them on.

The Commission recommended fighter jets in LOA3, but even if we made the decision today to acquire some, it takes years to go through the procurement process and then there’s waiting for delivery.

Add to this the years it takes to train enough pilots, ground crew and maintenance personnel to operate fighter jets. So the government must now commit to meeting LOA3 in the 2030s so we can defend our airspace.

To the Irish who are uncomfortable paying for fighter jets and providing for the proper defense of our territory, consider the hypocrisy of claiming neutrality and yet subcontracting the defense of our airspace to the Royal Air Force.

Jason Fitzharris, Swords, Co Dublin

Spanish hospital plan shatters vows for one-tier system

Surely your report (“Hospital opens in Spain to treat Irish patients on long public waiting lists”, Irish IndependentJuly 14) definitively refutes the idea that the government meant business when it promised to deliver a one-tier healthcare system here.

This decision, which diverts Irish taxpayers’ money to building healthcare infrastructure in Spain – and not here – is evidence that the government will do whatever it takes to protect the failed two-tier system. As with housing, the interests of the few are protected at all costs.

Jim O’Sullivan, Rathedmond, Co. Sligo

Calculating with 200 euro credit is not that exhausting

People who complain about not getting a $200 credit on their utility bill obviously weren’t very good at math in school.

Due to the reduction in VAT, citizens only receive a credit of 192.08 euros. However, in the older system with the higher VAT rate, they would have received a credit of 200 euros.

The end result for the consumer is the same.

If I sell something for €250 and I give you €100 off, you pay €150. However, if I sell you the same item for €200 and I give you €50 off, you pay €150. In the second scenario, do you have the right to complain that you only got €50 off if the cost to you is the same as in the first scenario? I do not think so.

Tommy Roddy, Ballybane, County Galway

If Penny conjures up the log solution, we’ll be enchanted

Given her previous work as a magician’s assistant, perhaps if Penny Mordaunt becomes Prime Minister she can pull a Northern Ireland Protocol rabbit out of her hat.

Chris Fitzpatrick, Dublin 6

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/unionists-need-to-condemn-their-hateful-twelfth-cohort-41841009.html Unionists must condemn their hateful twelfth cohort

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