Unlikely dog ​​and pig friendship named “real Timon and Pumbaa” from The Lion King

An abandoned dog and pot-bellied pig duo at Better Piggies Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, have been named the “real Timon and Pumbaa” after rescuers realized they were inseparable and vowed to keep them together

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Arizona: Pet Chihuahua enjoys friendship with pot-bellied pig

Sometimes we all wish Disney movies could come true — and it seems a musical did just that.

An abandoned dog and pig duo has been dubbed ‘the real Timon and Pumbaa’ after rescuers realized how inseparable they were.

The Chihuahua and pot-bellied pig have melted the hearts of Better Piggies Rescue workers in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, because of their uncanny resemblance to the Lion King.

Adorable images and video show the unlikely friends, named after Disney characters Warthog and Meerkat, relaxing while Timon balances on Pumbaa’s back.

Sanctuary owner Danielle Betterman has hailed their relationship as “like something out of a Disney movie” and admits they would be “lost” without each other.

Timon loves balancing on Pumbaa’s back


Kennedy News/Arizona Humane Society)

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The 40-year-old says her owner was imprisoned so the two stuck together to overcome their quest and live a better life.

Pumbaa is believed to be 10 to 15 years old while Timon is just six to eight months – but their huge age difference isn’t affecting their friendship.

Just like the famous saying “Hakuna Matata” goes, Timon and Pumbaa really have nothing to worry about when they’re together.

Danielle said: “They’re like the real Timon and Pumbaa. He will jump on Pumbaa and hitchhike for about 20 minutes and they will go into the pool together.

The Lion King duo is inseparable


Kennedy News/Arizona Humane Society)

“They do this all the time. Timon tries to jump on the other pigs and they don’t know what’s happening and want her to get off.

“They’re two unlikely animal friends. They went through trauma together and I think that’s why they are so close. It was clear from the start that they were so attached to each other.

“It was crazy when I heard from them. We don’t usually take dogs with us.

“Timon is so cute so he would have been adopted immediately but I didn’t want Pumbaa to suffer if his friend was taken away.

“We thought they were lost without each other. When Timon was taken to the sanctuary to be spayed, Pumbaa just cried and so did when Pumbaa was examined.

The pair were abandoned together


Kennedy News/Better Piggy Rescue)

Pumbaa is one of 145 rescued pigs


Kennedy News/Better Piggy Rescue)

“It’s quite an age difference. Usually an older pig is more grumpy and they nap, but then you have this excited pup and it usually doesn’t add up. They do.

“It’s amazing to see how they maintain the strong bond even when faced with new friends and new surroundings.”

Danielle opened the shelter in 2019 and she and other volunteers currently care for more than 145 pigs, with Timon being one of the few other animals they have.

She believes the trauma of her previous owner’s disappearance after incarceration led to their close bond.

Danielle assumes that due to his age, Pumbaa will spend the rest of his life in the sanctuary and Timon will stay by his side.

It’s an unlikely but endearing friendship


Kennedy News/Better Piggy Rescue)

A video depicting their bond has garnered more than 80,000 views on YouTube, with some describing it as “touching” and “charming,” while others thank Sanctuary for keeping the unlikely duo together.

One commented: “What a beautiful save and the relationship between Pumbaa and Timon is absolutely charming. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with all of us!”

A second said: “This is a very touching story. I am glad that the two rescuers could stay together and further enriched their lives in such a wonderful sanctuary. I wish you all the best.”

A third added: “Timon’s cheeky little smile as he rides Pumbaa’s back!”

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