Updated Moderna vaccine effective against emerging Covid variants


Moderna announced on Wednesday that it updated The COVID-19 vaccine is effective against emerging variants of the virus, including the Pirola variant.

The XBB.1.5 variant, also referred to as octopusThe prevalence has increased this year. The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are also keeping an eye on Pirola, which has over 30 mutations. according to CDCthe Pirola variant is “notable because it has several genetic differences from previous versions” of the coronavirus and “may be more likely to cause infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines.” “

The Food and Drug Administration could approve new vaccines as early as Friday. NBC News reported On Wednesday.

Moderna said a clinical study showed that the booster shot increased the protection of vaccinated individuals by 8.7- to 11-fold against variants BA.2.86 (aka Pirola), EG.5 (aka Eris), and FL .1.5 will provide. 1 (known as fornax).

Moderna’s clinical trial results show that the updated vaccine “elicits a strong human immune response against the highly mutated BA.2.86.” [Pirola] variant,” said Moderna President Dr. Stephen Hoge in one press release.

“Together with our previously communicated results shows a similarly effective response against E.g.5 and FL.1.5.1 variants, this data confirms that our updated COVID-19 vaccine will continue to be an important protective tool as we head into the fall vaccination season,” added Hoge.

The updated vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax target the COVID strain XBB.1.5, but would also be effective against other variants such as Pirola.

COVID cases and hospitalization rates are increasing. First Lady Jill Biden tested positive However, President Joe Biden remained COVID-negative this week, according to the White House.

In the last two weeks, there was a 23.6% increase in COVID-19 hospital admissions NBC News data That was updated on Wednesday.

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