Valorant’s most unpopular agent is getting a much-needed advantage

Valorant’s The next big update will introduce a massive remake for the game’s least popular agent – Yoru. Originally, Riot Games intended Yoru to be a full-blown lurker (think lone wolf crawling), but now it will be a Duelist/Initiator combo build (think an active participant) looking for an enemy). So, let’s find out why Yoru isn’t active, and how the changes he’s received will affect his popularity.

Who is Yoru?

Valorant is a 5v5 FPS where attackers try to plant a bomb called a bomb and the defenders try to stop them. The game’s characters are archetypal: Duelists excel at aggression, Sentinels and Controllers focus on controlling the battlefield, and Initiator takes over parts of the map by exposing or moving enemies.

“Hidden” isn’t an official prototype in Valorant, but Yoru’s early abilities were intended to allow him to play that way – as said late 2020 from Riot, he was purposefully designed. target to hide behind enemy lines, with a handy aid in that mission. Finally he fell back.

By the time Yoru was released, Valorant had been out for more than six months, and with only a handful of agents and maps, both pro and casual players were quick to optimize defense and attack strategies labour. Yoru’s kit makes him a predictable, and therefore ineffective, character unable to break enemy lines. Getting him into a match is more of a liability than a benefit, and with more versatile options on the table, he’s fallen into obscurity and in need of an overhaul.

Rework, do it again

Let’s take a look at his old skills and the remake.

Yoru deploys his new decoy. Riot Games polite

Yoru deploys his new decoy. Riot Games polite

His first skill is called Fakeout. In Valorant, sound is an important factor in locating enemies, and this skill emits fake footsteps for the purpose of confusing or distracting enemies.

At higher levels of play, it’s hard to “fake” someone and most players try not to give up their place with queues that sound like footsteps. When Yoru uses this skill, he usually provides more information by alerting the player to his presence than it does obtaining any information for himself.

The new Fakeout is much more effective, if not completely different. Yoru summons a decoy clone (still with fake footsteps) that moves forward until being shot or disappears. If shot, the clone will face enemies, exploding and blinding them.

The enemy shoots a Yoru prey. Riot Games polite

The enemy shoots a Yoru prey. Riot Games polite

This creates a more powerful crawler that can double as a duel option if Yoru decides to fight. This puts the skill on par with other possible crawling skills like Raze’s Boombot or Reyna’s Leer.


This is an ability that won’t change much – you can still teleport from one location to another on the map. The only update includes a visual element of where Gatecrash was after Yoru teleported, now leaving a small puddle of water behind. This puddle is designed to confuse the opposing team, letting them know he’s teleported – but where exactly did he go?

Dimensional slide

So far, Yoru’s ultimate has been designed so that you can press a button and run behind enemy lines in search of as much information as possible while remaining virtually invisible without the sound of footsteps. Yoru is also unable to use any abilities and his field of vision is narrowed, but he is invulnerable.

Now, Yoru is completely invisible, can use all gadgets, has normal vision and enemies can hear Yoru’s footsteps.

Yoru's new ultimate doesn't obstruct his vision and allows him to cast the ability. Riot Games polite

Yoru’s new ultimate doesn’t obstruct his vision and allows him to cast the ability. Riot Games polite

The biggest change to the ultimate gives Yoru more options over the course of the skill as he can now use his abilities. This means, for example, he can use his ultimate, teleport deep into the bomb site, move around and pick a good spot to spawn – his position when his ultimate ends or jumps to his previously set portal. While the enemy could hear Yoru’s footsteps, he is now completely invisible.

Does redo work?

Things are looking good for Yoru’s remake. Riot has kept the agent’s original identity by allowing Yoru to still gather information through Fakeout and allowing him to use his utility when using his ultimate giving him a lot more flexibility in how he communicates. painting. This would allow Yoru to be a great dueling pick or even a better entry into a site similar to Reyna or Phoenix.

It’s hard to say whether the rework will be strong enough for Yoru to be considered professional or competitive, but with a more reliable and team-focused utility, he should at least have the odds picks above 0% (this happened in pro play). What do you think of Yoru’s changes? Will you become a main Yoru? Let us know! Valorant’s most unpopular agent is getting a much-needed advantage

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