Vet warns of common dog treats considered ‘serious choking hazard’

Veterinarian Rory Cowlam is warning people to stop feeding their dogs life-threatening treats after nearly a quarter of owners admitted to feeding their pets cooked beef and chicken bones

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Rawhide is not easily digested by dogs

We all love to treat our dogs to treats from time to time—but it seems a lot of people got it wrong.

Almost a third of dog owners have admitted to feeding their pooches cooked bones and rawhide, which are considered a serious choking hazard.

A new survey by Puppy Snax found that 97 percent of pet parents think they know what foods are safe for dogs—yet so many continue to feed them life-threatening treats.

TV’s practicing veterinarian, Rory Cowlam, believes Britons need more education about appropriate treats for dogs.

Rory said: ” Dog owners need to stop feeding cooked bones – especially chicken, as these often splinter and become very sharp, putting them at risk of intestinal perforation and very serious problems.

Cooked meat bones can splinter dangerously


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“I also generally avoid rawhide — it’s really difficult to digest and can cause both intestinal and dental problems.”

Over a third of the nation’s dogs eat not only unsafe treats given to them by their owners, but also dangerous household items.

Common items include tennis balls, sticks, shoes, socks, and children’s toys.

I’ve been in clinical practice for seven years and have regularly seen problems with dogs eating clothes, sofas, balls and all sorts of other things from around the house,” Rory said.

“Everyday objects can be toxic to dogs, so it’s incredibly important to be careful when letting your dog around potentially harmful objects.”

Rory shares his five Tips to keep your dog from chewing everything in sight.

1. Distraction is key

Try to avoid destructive chewing behaviors by distracting them with something else, e.g. B. with a healthy natural treat.

Always make sure the treats are digestible and safe for your pet, and praise them when they start chewing on their treat rather than on the sofa.

2. walk

A tired dog is not a destructive dog, so exercise your pet regularly to make sure they burn off that excess energy when they’re alone in the house.

Dog owners need to be educated about healthy treats


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3. Allow your dog to benefit from alone time

From day one, teach your dog to be left alone for short periods of time.

Don’t fall into the trap of being with your dog 24/7 because when you eventually leave, he’s more likely to end up with destructive chewing behavior.

4. The importance of socialization

Make sure your dog is happy to be around different people and socialize with family and friends.

It can be really helpful if they exhibit disruptive behavior as you have the opportunity to find close people who will help you take care of your pet.

If they are comfortable around people, they will likely enjoy being around co-workers if your office allows you to bring your dog to work.

5. Seek professional help

If all else fails, consult a behaviorist or your veterinarian. Seeking professional help can really help break these bad habits once you start working towards a solution together.

Don’t feel alone—so many people struggle with their pet’s destructive chewing behavior and separation anxiety.

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