Vimeo apologizes, announces 2TB data cap and other changes

vimeo has announced that it’s making some major changes to its bandwidth policy after several developers spoke out about how the company pulled the rug out from under them by charging large sums of money if they wanted to continue hosting their videos on the platform. The new guidelines replace nebulous terms with definitive ones and guarantee that creators have time to prepare for changes.

in the a post outlining the changes, Vimeo says the new monthly bandwidth usage cap is a flat 2TB. Previously, the policy applied to users who were repeatedly “in the top 1% of bandwidth usage,” which Vimeo itself admits could have been more transparent. The company also says it will warn users if they go over that 2TB limit, theoretically giving you time to figure out how to reduce data usage or at least prepare for your bill to go up.

Vimeo’s new policy also states that creators have “at least 30 days” to respond to Vimeo and work out a deal if they exceed that limit, and that nothing happens to their content during that time. According to the old rules a creator tells The edge He had nine days to update his account, reduce usage, or pause access to his videos. Vimeo estimated its costs would go from $900 a year to $3,000 a year — that’s a lot of money to raise in just over a week.

Under the old policy, several creators say they received messages from the platform saying they were using too much bandwidth and were at risk of having to leave the platform. Many of the creators paid hundreds of dollars a year so they could use Vimeo to host videos for Patreon and were shocked at how few views their content received. (Videos can still consume a lot of bandwidth even with a low number of views – there’s a lot of data to transfer when 10 people watch an hour-long concert in 4K.)

They were also surprised that Vimeo was charging thousands of dollars more per year if they wanted to continue using the service the way they used to. A YouTuber was unaware that he was actually uploading to Vimeo when he was uploading videos to Patreon until all those videos disappeared.

Vimeo’s post, written by its CEO, has a very apologetic tone; It even opens with an image of a bouquet of flowers, the universal sign for “I screwed up, please forgive me.” But it’s worth noting that these changes don’t necessarily make Vimeo a better option for the creators who were burdened with high prices by the old policy – Vimeo told The edge in a previous statement that the “top 1 percent” threshold was already around 2 or 3 TB per month. In other words, if creators had to pay more under the old rules, they may have to pay more under the new guidelines as well.

Hopefully, however, the new policy should at least make sure that creators don’t have to reduce their bandwidth usage or find a new way to host their videos in just a few days. Vimeo also says it will give users time to move their videos off its platform if they find it’s no longer working for them.

The company is also working on a policy that will exempt some users from the 2TB limit “as long as they don’t use Vimeo to otherwise monetize those videos.” It says there will be more details on this change within 30 days. Vimeo apologizes, announces 2TB data cap and other changes

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