Virtual podcast events are bringing in six figures

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EXCLUSIVE: big $$$ in virtual podcast events

Live podcast tours have shown that people are willing to pay for something other than a pre-recorded episode. But virtual versions of those programs? In the climate of Zoom tired? Oh that’s right, honey. In fact, they are exploding.

Moment House has been streaming podcast recordings, called “Moments,” since March 2021, and I am told the company has sold 140,000 tickets during the 56 years it’s hosted since. Streams have received an average payout of six figures to creators; one even goes as high as $500,000. Creators keep all revenue (Moment House monetizes 10% service fees for customers), with many programs returning to the platform quarterly.

These massive payouts come from a combination of tickets, merchandise and audience tips, as well as meet-and-greet or after-party upgrades, all of which Moment House helps. Create a closed environment. The platform that has brought success to big names like the McElroy brothers and cult favorites like Morbid: A True Crime Podcast and Buffering The Vampire Slayerbut technically Any podcaster can host on the platform.

The moments are live-streamed and interactive, so they’re great for impromptu podcast, chat with dedicated listeners. Bart Coleman, Moment House’s head of comedy, describes the events to me as having the energy of “‘anything can happen”. Past moments have included interactive quizzes with the audience and a live merchandise fundraiser, where the hosts ran a drinking game beyond the achieved milestones.

Mike Muney, head of creator partnerships, tells us that Moments works significantly for podcasts, many of which have the dual goals of monetizing their work and engagement. directly with their audience. (Moment House also hosts concerts, and has done so for longer than archived podcast recordings.) Podcast audiences show they’re willing to do their part: universal fee-walled perks. variables for podcasts are perks that give listeners increased access to the podcast server, whether through behind-the-scenes episodes or a Discord chat. Moment House is a natural extension.

But Moment House is not alone in this space. last spring, Nick wrote about the company’s virtual performance efforts FRQNCY. At the time, there were a lot of doubts surrounding its shelf life: would its shelf life last long after audiences were able to return to live events? Now, it seems that there continues to be more desire for place agnostic events than we may know.

Headgum launches its platform for hosting reservations

Last week, the podcast network Headgum public debut Gumball, a host-reading ad marketplace that the company says is fully automated: brands can self-learn transparent booking schedules, playable patterns and audience demographics, following that test; on the other hand, podcasters are given the tools to manage their own workflow and decision making (and can Register to join the platform here).

Headgum built Gumball’s technology internally, and for years before the tool “launched from stealth,” the company used it to place ads for its own podcast group, then eventually other selective programs. CEO Marty Michael told me he’s excited for more independent shows to get into it, especially since they’ve seen the “halo effect” on sales from relationships. existing relationship that advertisers have with Headgum programs.

“It worked great,” Michael said, “we think it’s time to go out and talk to investors,” that’s probably how you’ve heard about Gumball in recent days: the platform just closed door $10 million Series A funding round. With that money, the team is bolstering its advertising capabilities, as well as Gumball’s technical muscle, to continue to scale. (“We needed to get him a team of engineers!” Michael said of Headgum co-founder Andrew Pile, the infrastructure lead.)

Sports blue, a company some might recognize for its frequent podcast ads, has been using the beta version of Gumball for almost three years. “Anything that saves time in this busy world and in this demanding industry, is immeasurable,” said Martha Gallant, Senior Director of Audio Partnerships at Athletic Greens. useful.

Hosted ads tend to be more complex than others – just check this example procedureas stated in Profitable Sound — but the Athletic Greens still prioritize them, Gallant said. For the right kind of branding, she says, the host reads as “the secret sauce of a podcast ad.”

Spotify podcaster asked questions, questions why

Yesterday, writer Damon Young published a opt-in The Washington Post Magazineoutlines two choices he feels he is facing as a creator Upcoming Spotify showbecause Joe Rogan has made many creators question whether or not they should continue to be a good fit for the platform.

First, however, he drove home that the expectation that he, a Black man, took a particular stance against Rogan made him feel trapped. Young writes, “Missing the show felt like a loss to me, my staff, guests, family, and fans,” and a win for the dummies,” a word he uses. used in the work liberally, but gently, to describe people whose behavior ranges from ignorant to discriminatory.

He says he can either proceed as planned with the program or “remove.” Upcoming Spotify-owned podcast — literally about the funny, messy, and gritty collisions of race, sex, and money — from Spotify, and the trash 18 months of labor invested in it. In the end, Young decided not to give up on what he was doing, even with disproportionate pressure to let him be the one to suffer. After all, the results will be vastly different from other Youngs on Spotify.

Stealth Sound Maker Pack from Spotify

Revolving around the theme of purposeful business decisions, Spotify Premium is now available for package with Soundtrap“cloud-based recording platform” and companion Swedish company Spotify acquired at the end of 2017. Note here that Soundtrap is not strictly for music production, but rather a more general set of tools that distinguishes “Music Producer” products from “Storyteller” products. . In other words, it directly appeals to the broadcasters.

However, big catch! Equal pointed out by Engadget, “There’s a big downside to Soundtrap if you’re planning on publishing on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or another podcasting service. Soundtrap will not create an RSS feed for each episode, you will need to publish your podcast outside of Spotify.” That feels on the brand.

YouTube spreads false information about the election – and Trump

Shopping TV presenter Send in full recently brought Donald Trump into the discussion…who knows what. But the content he was referring to was just “content that makes false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or malfunctions altered the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election.” according to YouTube, prompted the deletion of the episode.

I called it, people! It’s an election year, public figures have been buzzing on podcasts, and Trump seems to be the exact person to make headlines at this intersection – it actually happened, in fact, all of a sudden exited the NPR interview that I note a few months back. Come here.

As of press time, it looks like Send in full The episode is still playable on other major podcast platforms, so there’s an interesting dynamic playing. Traditional podcasting platforms have been slower to moderate the open ecosystem of RSS-based shows, but YouTube – which has quietly become a podcasting powerhouse – has a long history of background censorship his foundation, if slightly imperfect. With podcasts, there are a few examples to point out from recent months, like Joe Rogan content removed for vaccine misinformation and ban Dan Bongino forever.

And a deal for reVolver and SXM Media

In short, this partnership, has announced last Thursdaygranted SXM Media the “exclusive global advertising rights to reVolver’s extensive podcast line,” which includes popular Spanish-language shows such as El Show de Piolin and Erazno y La Chokolata. All programs from reVolver – “the leading multicultural, audio-on-demand content creator and publisher in the United States,” according to a press release – will be distributed and available on all podcast platforms, Stitcher’s way .

Thanks for reading! Hi Mom! Virtual podcast events are bringing in six figures

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