Vladimir Putin faces disagreement over Ukraine’s ‘grave’ mistake as allies want ‘all-out war’ – World News

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its third month, Moscow has shifted its goals from all-out conquest to a battle for the East, in what Kiev politicians have dubbed the “Battle for Donbass.”

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Russian Spetsnaz officer Alexander Arutyunov lashes out at Putin

Vladimir Putin is reportedly facing disagreements from persistent senior figures in the military and security services over “grave mistakes” he made during the invasion of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Russian army and FSB security service have reportedly slammed the way Putin has so far handled the invasion amid a vicious “blame game” in Moscow.

Hardliners, however, do not believe that Putin has gone too far, but are angry that he has not gone far enough in the ongoing war.

The powerful “Soloviki,” the security bloc often made up of conservative and ex-KGB figures, have previously been described by Tatyana Stanovaya, founder of political analysts R.Politik, as people who “dominate the agenda, stoke Putin’s fears and provoke and escalate tensions”.

And now, according to a new report, they are blaming Putin for the “grave mistake” of withdrawing from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, rather than storming it.

Additionally, they are reportedly furious at his decision to focus on a more limited war, focusing on Donbass rather than all of Ukraine.

Irina Borogan and Andrei soldatov wrote the article highlighting the divisions between Putin and the top figures in the military and the FSB


Social Media/East2West News)

The internal challenges and disagreements over calls for a “full-scale war” are significant, according to Russian security expert Andrei Soldierov, because it is the first time Russia’s “strongmen” are putting distance between themselves and the president.

In an article with investigative journalist Irina Borogan for the Center for European Policy Analysis, he said: “Does it matter? It is very important. This is the first time ever that the Soloviks have put distance between themselves and the President. That opens up all sorts of possibilities.”

The Soldierov and Borogan report added: “Russia’s military believes that it is a serious mistake to limit the original goals of the war. They now argue that Russia is not fighting Ukraine but NATO.

“Senior officers have therefore concluded that the Western alliance is fighting with all its might – by supplying increasingly sophisticated weaponry – while its own forces operate under peacetime constraints such as a bar on airstrikes on some key areas of Ukraine’s infrastructure.

“In short, the military is now demanding all-out war, including mobilization,” and they claimed that this “frustration” with Putin “became so intense” that it was spreading.

Colonel-General Sergei Beseda, 68, head of the 5th branch of Russia’s Federal Security Service, is in prison and is being blamed for poor intelligence on the invasion of Ukraine



The report also said the FSB is aligned with hardliners within the military.

And this despite the fact that the head of the 5th counterintelligence service, Sergei Beseda, is behind bars in a Lefortovo prison in Moscow under a false name and is being held responsible for incorrect information about Ukraine.

This came after veteran Russian Spetsnaz officer-turned-blogger Alexander Arutyunov went viral among pro-military groups with a video calling for a massive escalation of Moscow’s armed forces.

He said: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, please decide, do we go to war – or do we have fun?”

“Hit them everywhere, completely destroy all their airfields. Turn them into lunar craters so not a single plane with a Bayraktar [military drone] can take off

“We have to destroy all their railroad lines with rockets so big they spend years fixing them… If I get it, why don’t your top people get it? That’s a mystery to me.”

Russian veteran Alexander Arutyunov


Social Media/East2West News)

Arutyunov went viral with the plea on pro-military social media groups


Social Media/East2West News)

Major General Rustam Minnekayev, the deputy commander of Russia’s Central Military District, publicly demanded that Russia continue its war effort and seize the entirety of Ukraine’s Aral and Black Sea coasts.

“What’s missing from all these discussions within the military, whether public or private, is any criticism of Sergei Shoigu, the defense minister and the public face of the war,” Soldierov and Borogan added.

“Somehow Shoigu managed to keep the military’s respect and divert all the anger away from the military.

“It has been secretly heard that the army and even the intelligence services have blamed not only the FSB’s Fifth Service for the president’s misinformation, but also the president himself for a bad call for a change in military strategy.

“In 2014, when the Russian army quickly occupied Crimea, the military and security services were on the same side as Putin – they fully supported his decision to annex Crimea and were enthusiastic about the way this was done happened.

“It will be very different in 2022.”

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