Vladimir Putin FINALLY admits war in Ukraine is about giving land back to Russia – World News

Vladimir Putin compared himself to the early 18th-century Russian Tsar Peter the Great, whom he hailed for boldly usurping territory and power for Russia, and said he laid the foundations for what would become a should become the geopolitical center of power

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Vladimir Putin talks to young entrepreneurs in Moscow

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has boldly claimed that it has become his responsibility to retake and strengthen Ukraine as he appears to have finally admitted that the invasion was about returning land to Russia.

The Russian warmonger attended a meeting with young entrepreneurs and specialists ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in the capital Moscow, where he compared himself to Peter the Great, the 18th-century Russian monarch who was at war with Sweden .

Putin said: “Peter the Great fought the Northern War for 21 years. It seems he fought with Sweden and conquered land… but he didn’t conquer it, he gave it back.

“Well, it seems that it is now up to us too to reclaim and strengthen land, and if we embrace these core values ​​as fundamental to our existence, we will prevail in solving the problems we face.”

Up to this point, Putin and his propagandists have cited everything from an alleged NATO “threat” to the “neo-Nazis” he falsely claimed had Ukraine as reasons for his unprovoked and bloody invasion of Russia’s neighbors overrun.

But today, after more than 100 days of war, Putin has openly claimed that he is “returning” land to Russia.

Video shows Vladimir Putin saying, “Now is the time for us to take back our country.”



Peter the Great was the Russian tsar of the early 18th century, and many believe that his expansionist policies and military reforms helped Russia become the powerful country it is today.

Putin often celebrates Peter for boldly seizing territory and power for Russia, and says he laid the groundwork for what would become a geopolitical powerhouse.

He went on to say that the European Union is a “colony” of the United States and that no nation can be both sovereign and colony.

The brute then said that even an organization as historic as the EU “stands no chance of surviving in such a tough geopolitical struggle”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets young entrepreneurs in Moscow


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In a shocking new statement, the Kremlin chief appeared to express sympathy for the war but still blamed Ukrainians for it: “What can I say, everything that is happening there in Ukraine now is a nightmare and appalling. And we shouldn’t just blame the Ukrainians, but all civilians and of course the United States.”

Mr Putin added: “When Peter the Great established the new capital in St. Petersburg, none of the European countries recognized this territory as Russian, all recognized it as Swedish.”

Referring again to Peter’s Crusades, he spoke of Peter’s second attempt to conquer Narva from the Swedish Empire, saying he had “returned and strengthened – he did”. Putin apparently hopes to reflect this strengthening.

Putin claimed that Russian companies will not block their oil wells even as the West relaxes their reliance on energy supplies from Moscow.

He made bold claims when meeting the young entrepreneurs


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Putin said the West will not be able to completely stop using Russian energy resources in the next few years.

“As for a denial of our energy resources, it is unlikely for the next few years, while it is not clear what will happen in those few years. Therefore nobody will pour cement into the wells.”

Putin said the sanctions have caused global markets’ oil supply to fall while prices have risen: “Profits of (Russian) companies are increasing in monetary terms. Everyone sees it, everyone understands it.”

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