‘Vladimir Putin has lost. He still doesn’t know it’ – Fleet Street Fox

Turn your mind back to the last time you played Monopoly with a sore loser.

He – and always has been – insisted on being the banker. He claims the family tradition of paying all fines in Free Parking is against the rules. His pile of cash and houses seemed to grow every time someone went to get another bag of crisps, or to the warehouse.

Then a player he brought to the brink of bankruptcy comes to Free Parking, and wins the jackpot. The balance of the game will disappear from the bully. He was found to be violating his own rules. The others coordinated against him, and Dad – always Dad – gave his cash and possessions to the person most likely to destroy the aggressor.

When he bought hotels that nobody visited, was jailed and couldn’t pay his rent, when the lie that he was the 1984 All England Monopoly Champion was finally refuted, and he reduced to little more than a tiny boot, he flipped the board in a fit of rage.

We all played with that guy. And pick up the pieces afterwards. We all know that it never helps to make him lose more lightly to save face. He needs to lose – and let everyone know it.

Wheels were ripped from Vladimir Putin’s unsecured trucks. The tanks that had been motionless on the road, and now off-road became immobile in the mud. Goliath’s plane and helicopter were shot down by David’s surface-to-air missiles, and the children Putin sent to war died in great numbers, he was forced to give orders to mercenaries and soldiers. the surviving case of Bashar al Assad.

He shut down television stations, lost his Big Mac, and destroyed the cell phone pole his intelligence forces were using to communicate. His generals are dying on the front lines because they have to leave the control room to follow their orders. He restructured the Russian economy on the basis of energy extraction and supply, and half the world stopped buying it overnight. The only ones who chose to be with him were the thicker end of the Chelsea pitch.

Nothing in the previous two paragraphs happens when you are winning. And if it happens in the space of two weeks, the turning point when Putin realizes his own defeat will not be far away.

Vlad’s psychosis was forged when the Soviet Union lost its country, and it will end too

But what worries the West is what he will do to distract from the loss. Will he mine or extract Ukrainian gas when he withdraws? Would he fire off smaller, tactical nukes that would destroy buildings, irradiate concrete dust that was sucked into fireballs, and then allow microscopic, inhaled radioactive particles to fall? gently follow the path of the wind? Perhaps he will unleash any deadly pathogens he holds in the world’s largest stockpile of biological weapons.

That is why world leaders, analysts and journalists talk about a “shortcut”, giving the madman an outlet where he can make a decent and economical retreat. save face. They want him to think he can keep his job and his billions as long as he de-escalates and steps back from the brink.

The problem with that is that a madman in a tank doesn’t care about the rules of the road. The moment when he was awake enough to detect and find a way out was back, before he lost his mind. If this guy sees a ramp now, he’ll bomb it.

If Putin is capable of wielding unbelievably bad weapons – and so is he – he is so far removed from the reality that he should have any instinct for self-preservation. The flip of the chessboard is as certain as the coup that the tycoons he created will take to the stage to save their looted billions of dollars. The problem with both is not if, but when.

If it happened soon, thousands and possibly millions of lives could be saved. The Russian economy can recover, and the world can help Ukraine pick up the pieces. To counter Putin, his depositors need to be more realistic and realistic than he is, that’s why it will benefit the world and maybe also why it hasn’t happened yet. between the people he manipulated and paid the price for. many decade.

It is the last game the world and its leaders must seek, because Putin is past his time saving his own face. He will happily cut it down himself, then threaten to do everyone else’s, if you let him have as much as a butter knife.

The world needs him to lose. To have no exit, and to know it. All despondents must see what happens if you invade a sovereign nation, and the enormous financial power of the West, whether in the form of official sanctions or spontaneous boycotts. of the client, are defenseless weapons.

Because one day he will flip the board, if you let him play. Giving him a deviated ramp means he’s still crazy, and he still has a tank. Letting him butcher a piece of Ukraine is tantamount to letting him go bankrupt, but keeping the hotel on Mayfair.

We should never sit down with someone who has never followed, but only imposed, the rules. We are calculating the cost of making money while he chooses someone else. But the only benefit of playing a game with a painful loser is that, when he loses, he feels most dear.

Economically saving our buddies is the fastest, best and only weapon we can use, because they want to keep playing this game. Our best hope is that Putin realizes that he was lost when the chessboard, and all lives on it, was no longer within his grasp.

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/putin-lost-just-doesnt-realise-26443656 'Vladimir Putin has lost. He still doesn't know it' - Fleet Street Fox

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