Vladimir Putin Makes Big Mistake By Constantly Threatening Nuclear War, Experts Say – World News

A damning new report on the Russian dictator’s highly provocative statements about the possible use of nuclear weapons suggests the Kremlin’s strategy could backfire

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Russia’s TV presenter warns that everything will be destroyed in a nuclear strike

Vladimir Putin’s ongoing threats to use nuclear weapons against the UK could very well have a “numbing effect” on the audience, defense and political experts said.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, Kremlin-controlled TV presenters have repeatedly threatened Britain and simulated the absolute destruction that an atomic bomb would inflict on Britain.

Hosts of one of the country’s most-watched programs, Russia One, even went so far as to create maps showing the resulting blast radius if nuclear weapons struck three European cities, including London.

But now a damning report of Putin’s highly provocative stance on the possible use of nuclear weapons suggests that the Kremlin’s strategy could backfire.

A new report on Putin’s stance on the possible use of nuclear weapons suggests the Kremlin’s stance could backfire


SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

Critics of Putin have suggested that his use of threats is nothing more than the boy who cried wolf.

Defense and policy experts Lawrence Korb and Stephen Cimbala, Writing for Just Securityargued that audiences affected by Putin’s threats had grown accustomed to Moscow’s nuclear war cries.

“Russia’s over-reliance on nuclear threats can ultimately have a deafening effect on the part of the audience,” argued Mr Korb and Stephen Cimbala.

“As threats become more prevalent, they become part of the accepted rhetorical and political backdrop to military events.

“Russia’s nuclear arsenal is the largest in the world.

Kremlin-controlled TV presenters have repeatedly threatened Britain with a nuclear attack


Rossiya 1 / east2west news)

“The last thing Russia’s government should do is use nuclear weapons as stage props for diplomatic detours into the absurd, considering the United States has almost as many nuclear weapons as Russia and both Britain and France are nuclear powers.”

The threats come amid anger in Russia over what is seen as Britain leading the West in supplying arms to Ukraine in a “proxy war” against Putin.

Late last month, a Russian propagandist announced in Russian state media that Britain could be bombed back to the Stone Age in just 10 minutes by an attack by Vladimir Putin’s hypersonic missiles.

Moscow-born Israeli expert Yaakov Kedmi, who once described Stalin as “the last statesman to care for his country,” said: “One or a half launches from a zircon multi-role submarine will suffice.

“About 50 or 60 of Britain’s power stations will be gone in 10 minutes. And all of Britain will be transported back to the Stone Age… Within 10 minutes nothing else is needed…”

A Russian propagandist announced in Russian state media last month that Britain could be “bombed back to the Stone Age”.


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Retired army officer and security analyst Tom Clonan told Newstalk Breakfast in early May that the “appalling threats” were a clear sign of how “disinhibited” Putin’s cronies felt as the Kremlin maintained its aggressive stance toward the West.

Despite many people raising the alarm online, Clonan said the chances of the missile actually being launched towards the UK and Ireland are “extremely remote”.

“I know there’s going to be a lot of people listening to this and they’re going to be very scared, or it can create fear and discomfort,” he said.

“But the likelihood of that happening is extremely small. This is propaganda.”

Propaganda or not, Russian state media threats against Britain have fueled tensions between London and Moscow, with Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent program likely on high alert.

The threats also contradict the official doctrine of the Kremlin Protocol, according to which Russia will only use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear or other attack with weapons of mass destruction against Russia or an ally, or in the event of an invasion of Russia by armed forces threatening the survival of the state.

The new report said Russia’s “over-reliance on nuclear threats” could have a deafening effect on the part of the audience


SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

In their report, Mr Korb and Mr Cimbala also expressed their concern at the prospect of a nuclear arms race.

The pair wrote: “States feeling threatened by regional adversaries that already have nuclear weapons might decide that even a small nuclear arsenal can provide a high level of deterrence in an uncertain world.”

An arms race like the one described could be seen in global hotspots such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Korea responding in kind to Pyongyang on the Korean Peninsula.

Russia’s continued use of nuclear threats can also be viewed as a bad example for other nuclear-armed states, Mr Korb and Cimbala said, particularly for those nations that do not adhere to global protocols and agreements.

The pair said: “If other states conclude that Russia has managed to deter Ukraine or NATO through coercive nuclear diplomacy, they may be more willing to escalate their own nuclear rhetoric or resort to nuclear first use in future crises.” .

“One of the characteristics of the new international system of the 21st century is that the armed forces of new or emerging nuclear powers such as China, India, Pakistan and North Korea will be supported by technologically advanced conventional armed forces and command and control systems.

“This raises the possibility of nuclear war being fought in the context of conventional warfare, with high-tech weaponry and fast-moving operations over which leaders have lost control.

“Hypersonic weapons and massive drone strikes are two examples of technologies that could destabilize the conventional battlefield as they can be fired from a thousand miles and trigger a nuclear escalation.”

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