Vladimir Putin may already have fired the SECOND general brought in to Ukraine to turn the tide – World News

Vladimir Putin appointed General Aleksander V. Dvornikov in April to rejuvenate his faltering forces before the focus shifted to the Donbas – but US officials believe he may have already fired him

General Aleksander V. Dvornikov
General Aleksander V. Dvornikov was appointed in April to help salvage the stalled invasion

Vladimir Putin may have fired his new general just weeks after embarking to salvage the stalled invasion of Ukraine, it has been claimed.

The Russian president appointed General Aleksander V. Dvornikov in April, a move experts say is an acknowledgment of the failure of his war.

However, the new commander was not seen for two weeks, leading some US officials to speculate whether he has kept his job.

It comes as a Pentagon official said Moscow’s military is making the same mistakes on its new eastern front as it has when attempting to conquer the entire country.

When Dvornikov was brought in, he is said to have attempted to build bridges between the disjointed air and land units to better coordinate their attacks.

Dvornikov began working to better coordinate the Luftwaffe with the ground forces


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In the first weeks of the “military special operation,” the Kremlin’s campaign was directed from Moscow because there was no central wartime commander on the ground, reports the New York Times.

That changed with the appointment of Dvorikov in early April as he worked to streamline the war effort.

The General cut a foreboding figure upon his arrival in the hot seat.

He fought in Russia’s ferocious second Chechen war as a commander while troops under his command in Syria were accused of targeting civilians.

Vladimir Putin may have already fired Dvornikov


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In the current conflict, his methods seemed to be working as pilots and ground forces were better coordinated in Donbass.

However, US intelligence reportedly shows that despite the seizure of territories in the Donbass region, the “dumpy and incremental” pace of Moscow troops continues to hurt morale.

Officials say the Russian Air Force’s risk-averse mentality is the same as it was in February, when pilots were still darting across the border to launch strikes and then retreated home.

By refusing to remain in Ukrainian airspace, they disrupt its use by their enemies.

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However, the military has made some progress on its new front, gaining the upper hand in several ground battles over the past few days.

And after taking the southern port city of Mariupol last month, it may now try to forge a corridor into Crimea.

Troops are now advancing on the center of the eastern city of Sievierodonetsk, but Russia’s indiscriminate approach means that wherever it is captured, it is often quickly fought over again.

A prime example of this is the second Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Experts say that the Russian military is still making the same mistakes as at the beginning of the war


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“The Russians took Kharkiv for a short time; the Ukrainians attacked and retook Kharkiv,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. last week.

“We’ve seen them move really slowly and unsuccessfully on the battlefield.”

It is also reported that Ukraine is attempting to cut off Russian supply lines east of Kharkiv, which would put the invading troops in the same predicament as they were at the start of the war when they had to abandon their advance on the capital, Kyiv.

The invading troops struggle to hold areas they have successfully taken


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Frederick W. Kagan, senior fellow and director of the Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute, told the New York Times the new front will not go according to plan because those responsible “were unable to change the character of the Russian army “.

And retired General Philip Breedlove told the newspaper that Dvorikov’s ideas on rationalizing the armed forces were correct, but that the short pause between the end of the Kyiv campaign and the start of the new campaign was not long enough.

“The troops were thrown back into battle too quickly. This decision had to come from Moscow,” he added.

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