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Vladimir Putin and his cronies in the state media repeatedly used the term “denazification” in the first weeks of the Ukraine war to justify Moscow’s all-out invasion of the country

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Putin’s state media blames Western National Socialism for the war in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s narrative of justifying the Ukraine war as a “denazification operation” to rid the country of its Nazi rulers has failed, according to a state media expert.

During the first months of the invasion, Putin and his Russian propagandist cronies claimed that the Ukrainian public was in danger and routinely repressed by their fascist dictators, without any evidence to prove their wild theory.

The Kremlin and its media apparatus then began pumping the word “denazification” through their channels to justify Moscow’s all-out invasion, which they described as a “special military operation” to liberate former Soviet territory.

But the media campaign didn’t have the desired effect, largely because the Russian public didn’t understand the word, an expert believes.

Eto Buziashvili, a research fellow who analyzes Russian state propaganda for the Atlantic Council, believes that Putin’s denazification was “a major failure”.

She told The Mirror: “On the one hand, they have the information that it’s not a special military operation, that a lot of Russians have died.

Data from Google Trends shows that mentions of the word “denazification” dropped dramatically as the war progressed

“But interestingly, the denazification narrative was a huge failure.”

Analyzing Russian state media, Ms Buziashvili found that mentions of the word “denazification” dropped dramatically in early May.

The term faltered until earlier this month, when it fell so low it barely got a mention in the media.

The same results can be seen on Google Trends, where keyword searches for the invented word also decreased during this period.

Putin tried to justify the war by branding the Ukrainian leadership as Nazis

Picture: /east2west news)

Ms Buziashvili explained: “There was a really interesting report that said the Russian public doesn’t understand what denazification is and that’s why the Kremlin shut down this narrative.

“There was even an example when the Kremlin’s chief propagandist struggled to describe what it meant.

“This came after mobile polls and street polls, basically asking people if they knew what denazification is and the majority didn’t, which is why the Kremlin decided in early May to drop that narrative entirely.

“Use of the word denazification in Russia and in the state media has declined dramatically since early May.”

Eto Buziashvili, a Russian state propaganda researcher, said the Kremlin’s denazification narrative was a major failure

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov claimed that Putin’s troops would not stop until they reached Stonehenge


Vladimir Solovyov/east2west news)

The original report by Proekt — an independent investigative journalism in Russia — cited examples from February and March, when the Kremlin’s chief propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov struggled for 30 minutes to describe the term on his TV show Rossiya 1.

Just a few weeks later, the same Kiselyov – the head of the federal state news agency Rossiya Segodnya – told viewers that Britain was to be twice inundated with the tyrant’s most advanced nuclear missiles.

The TV presenter suggested using Russia’s new hypersonic beast, Satan-2, officially named Sarmat, to wipe the country off the map.

Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Kiselev had trouble explaining the term “denazification” on his show


Vesti Rossiya/east2west news)

Another propagandist, dubbed “Putin’s voice,” threatened last month that Moscow would not halt its military push until forces reached Stonehenge.

Hot-tempered TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov’s weekly show has previously threatened to bomb Britain back to the Stone Age with Zircon nuclear missiles.

In a new threat, he was challenged by a Ukrainian expert on how far west the Russian invasion would go before it stalled.

“Well, if we have to, we will,” he said.

“Where will we stop? Well, like I said earlier today, maybe Stonehenge. Liz Truss says she’s the one making the war.”

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