VR MMO will be watched in 2022

At least one person in the MMORPG staff has stated that 2021 is the year of MMO. Well, in the end, 2021 is the year of MMO hype and then disappointment. While every MMO released in 2021 leaves players struggling to play on launch day, a month or two later those same players rush out, leaving their broken dreams behind and server is empty. I am sure that the apocalypse that have been heralding the death of MMOs for years will only be in 2021 as proof of their claims.

At MMORPG, we don’t believe that MMORPG is dead, but it’s hard to deny that the genre is stagnating. Aside from the shift from monthly subscriptions to mostly free-to-play with microtransactions, the only real change to MMOs is the rise of action combat and the decline of follow-up targeting. tabs. In the same way that battle royales have become the new craze in the shooter genre, MMORPGs need a new fascination, a new evolution, and even refresh the blood vessels of the genre.

Some believe that the next evolution of MMORPGs will be virtual reality. Instead of seeing a third-person fantasy world as you move your avatar around, VR allows you to become the avatar. You are a warrior, a magician or a fighter pilot. And while we haven’t reached the level envisioned in Ready Player One right now, the progress made in VR technology over the past few years has been enough to add a new layer of immersion to both the combat and social aspects. of MMORPGs could spark a renewed interest in the genre. Do not believe me? Here is the XXXXX MMO that shows the VR revolution has begun.

OrbusVR: Reincarnation

Designed for room-scale virtual reality, OrbusVR: Reincarnation available through Steam and the Oculus Store. Choose from 8 unique classes – Ranger, Warrior, Runemage, Ranger, Shaman, Bard, Paladin and Scoundrel – and then venture into the dangerous world of Patreayl. OrbusVR has all the pitfalls of a classic MMO: 5-player dungeons, world bosses, crafting, PvP and fishing.


Currently in development, Ilysia will be available on Quest, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR. In classic RPG fashion, after corrupting and destroying their own world, the Lagenans head to Ilysia in search of a new home for themselves. Will you side with the Lagenans as they begin to destroy Ilysia with their dark magic, or will you hold your ground and defend the planet from the invaders? The choice is yours as you explore a world full of monsters, dungeons, and cities.

A Township Tale

As the name implies, in A Township Tale You and up to seven others will explore an abandoned town and work to restore it to its former glory. There aren’t any NPCs doing the work for you, so you can take on the roles of blacksmith, carpenter, cook, and adventurer. Unlike a regular MMO, where gathering resources is as easy as pressing a button and waiting for a pile of rocks or a log to appear in your backpack, all quests in AT requires you to do manual labor. You will have to swing your ax to chop down that tree or rush into the mines to mine some ore. And yes, you will have to swing your sword to defeat a monster.


Developed by Digital Messiah, VRKraft is a multiplayer fantasy RPG for PCVR. Still in alpha with new systems still being added, Member Patreon gain access to the current build consisting of five classes with a functional XP/promotion system, a quest system complete with monsters and loot, 4-player dungeons, and 4v4 PvP.



Before you scoff at the idea of Chat VR With your name on this list, answer one of these questions: last week, how many hours did you spend in your favorite MMO just talking to your clanmates? Here’s another question: how often do you use /dance, /wave and other slash commands? With VR Chat, you can break free of the constraints of your keyboard and immerse yourself in worlds and conversations like never before.

Freeland VR

Aside from a successful Kickstarter campaign, Freeland VR is still in the early stages of development. Unlike other VR MMOs, Freeland will set itself apart from the crowd by being playable with or without a VR Headset. Every planet in Freeland VR There will be a unique theme and event. Head to Jungle Planet to engage in giant exoskeleton battles, or take in a round of golf and then hit the water for windsurfing on the Beach Planet. Or head to Fantasy Land if swords and magic are more to your taste. The list goes on and on.

Room Rec

Room Rec

Room Rec maybe not an RPG, but it shows how to convert any multiplayer to VR. Paintball, laser tag, Rec Royale and many more games available in Room Rec can easily be adapted to any MMORPG setting. However, more interesting is how players can use Room Rec creation tools to create a variety of original content. Perhaps VR is the last missing ingredient that can make user-generated content in an MMORPG a reality?

Zenith: The Last City

Save the best for last, newly released Zenith: The Last City to be First big budget VR MMORPG, making it a true indicator of whether the technology is ready to usher in a new age of VR MMOs. Put on your headset – PC, Quest and PSVR are supported – and immerse yourself in the vertical-inspired world of anime and JRPGs that can’t be duplicated in standard MMOs. Climb any surface and then glide through the sky. Then return to the ground to face off against Zenith’s monsters in intense action combat where you must swing your sword and cast spells.

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