Wacky Wizards Pirates Update – Potions & Ingredients!

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Roblox Wacky Wizards updates once a week, and when that release happens we tend to get some new ingredients to use and some potions to cook with. We will cover all aspects of this new patch in this post and will cover all the details you need to know to collect new stuff and make some of those awesome new potions!

You can find all the drugs that exist in the game with List of Potions of Wacky Wizards post!

Update Wacky Wizards Pirates

The Pirates update was released on January 26, 2022 for Wacky Wizards. We’ll be getting the updates a week or so ago, so hopefully they’ll be a little better aggregated and have fewer bugs.

You’ll need to hunt for the new Pirate Hat element to complete the quests for this update. All you need to do is enter the lake area and find the sunken pirate ship. Grab the shovel there and you’ll see a sign telling you where to go. Dig where you find the Xs, and you’ll eventually get the Pirate Hat!

Example image of Wacky Wizards' Pirate Hat

Here’s a look at the new potions that were added in the update:

  • 392: Davey-jones medicinePirate hat (Becoming Davy Jones)
  • 393: Pills you parrotBird + Pirate hat (Get a parrot friend!)
  • 394: Captain-morph potionFish + Pirate hat (Become the captain!)
  • 395: Doubloon-morph drugFriend + Pirate hat (Become a doubter!)
  • 396: Eye patchCarrot + Pirate hat (Get an eyepatch!)
  • 397: Drugs Pierre Pan – Fairy + Pirate hat (Become a piercing pan!)
  • 398: Pirate-bee potionhoney + Pirate hat (Aaaaarg bzzz bzzz!)
  • 399: Captain’s Potion – Brain + Pirate hat (Wearing a captain’s hat)
  • 400: Pet paw medicine – Hoof giraffe + Pirate hat (Get a peg!)
  • 401: Pirate-pistol potionGuns + Pirate hat (Get a pirate pistol!)
  • 402: Squid-friend potionFrog + Pirate hat (Find a squid friend!)
  • 403: Pirate-Sword Potion – Pool noodles + Pirate hat (Get a slashing sword!)
  • 404: Pirate Skeleton PotionZombie + Pirate hat (Become a spooky pirate!)
  • 405: Treasure Bomb PotionGunpowder + Pirate hat (Get a treasure bomb!)
  • 406: Treasure potion – Rotten sandwich + Pirate hat (Poop treasure!)

You can now also get the Treasure Chest Cauldron skin for 900 Gems:

Wacky Wizards' treasure cauldron image

Last week’s update

Last week brought us Update Egypt, in which you must cross a dangerous pyramid to make offerings to a temple. If you can bring all the items through the lava pit, you will get yourself the Egyptian Head material!

Here’s a look at the drugs that have been added:

That’s all about this new update released for Eccentric magician! We’ll cover all aspects of these new additions to the game in Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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