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Dr James Pritchett, a war expert from the University of Hull, gave his insight into the Ukraine crisis, explaining what is driving Vladimir Putin and what comes next.

Vladimir Putin has ignored warnings from the West
Vladimir Putin has ignored warnings from the West

Vladimir Putin has launched an all-out war against Ukraine from land, sea and air, despite warnings of dire consequences from the West and the risk of crippling sanctions.

But what is driving the Russian President to invade the neighboring country and threaten the world order at the expected cost of thousands of casualties?

And what is likely to happen next and how will it affect the UK?

Dr. James Pritchett is a lecturer in war studies and international relations at the University of Hull, devoting his career to researching modern conflict and security issues.

A man clears debris from a damaged residential building in Koshytsa Street, on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.


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Why Ukraine?

Russia’s invasion stems from fears that Ukraine has become too westernized in recent years and that its joining NATO – a military alliance between 28 European nations, the US and Canada – will strengthen own military strength, HullLive report.

Once an independent Soviet state more than 30 years ago, Ukraine has long been seen by Russia as an outpost into Western Europe.

“Ukrainian politics have changed quite a bit since the early 2000s – they have leaned more towards the West than towards the East,” Dr. Pritchett said.

“Traditionally, Ukraine for hundreds of years was considered, if not Russia, to be an equivalent country. So for Moscow, that’s quite worrying.”

Taking back control of Ukraine would assure Putin that the country would never become a NATO member.

A defiant President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky urges the country to keep fighting


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Why did Russia invade, and why now?

Dr Pritchett said Russia has been sending unofficial forces to breakaway republics since 2014 using a method known as “mixed warfare”.

This invasion, however, was much more direct, aggressive, and far-reaching, revealing efforts to destabilize the Ukrainian military.

It is thought that Putin may be competing to take back all of Ukraine, not just the eastern parts of the country, which would require huge aggression.

Troops have been massing around most of Ukraine’s borders for several weeks now, with tensions rising. Even so, Moscow repeatedly denies it plans to invade the country.

Dr Pritchett said that one possible reason Russia has waited so far to invade is because the Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing.

“China and Russia are more or less allies,” Dr. Pritchett said.

“They tend to work together on the international stage. China is also funding Russia in many respects, so as a high-ranking power, I doubt that the Chinese will be sympathetic. when the Russians reported from the Winter Olympics.”

Dr. James Pritchett gives his view on the Ukraine crisis


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What will happen next?

The outcome of this war will depend a lot on these early days and Ukraine’s ability to resist.

With a strength of more than 300,000 men, their force was by no means weak, and Dr. Pritchett said their force was so far in good standing.

But Russia seems to be going very frugal. If Ukraine surrenders, Putin will consider his job done. Otherwise, he will have to make the difficult decision of escalation, which will inevitably involve NATO in its military, or whether the stakes are too high and unworthy.

Russia launched an all-out invasion


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Why are UK and US involved?

Historically, the US and UK have been seen as major players in the international arena, which, as Dr Pritchett puts it, “prevents aggression”.

“The UK and the US often see their job as sticking with the little guy,” he said.

“They were against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Since the Cold War, when countries like Poland, Latvia and Ukraine have tried to move west and modernize and join the EU or join NATO, the US has often support that.

“Don’t forget that the US and UK want the same thing, which is a pretty stable economic situation for them to sell and do business.”

A huge fireball explosion lights up the night sky over eastern Ukraine



What will war with Russia mean for us?

Russian President Putin’s televised speech after ordering the invasion of Ukraine this morning involved chilling threats that anyone who tries to intervene will suffer consequences “unprecedented in history.” .

The angry speech has been interpreted by many as a threat of nuclear war.

Dr Pritchett says the chances of this actually happening are very small.

“The main thing I emphasize is that weapons of mass destruction or the use of nuclear weapons seem very unlikely.”

He added: “I can totally understand why people would care about that because these things are scary. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people.

“I have been wrong before, but I would be very surprised if Russia is willing to escalate and face such kind of risk to Ukraine.”

However, one possibility for the UK is the increased risk of cyberattacks, Dr Pritchett added.

“Western countries like Britain are imposing sanctions on Russia. So Russia, in response to that, doesn’t have many cards to play.

“Obviously they’ve got the military tools they’re using in Ukraine, but then I highly doubt they want to use it against NATO. So what other tools do they have? They don’t have much of it. in terms of an economy compared to Western Europe, but they’ve got a pretty good choice of cyberweapons.”

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