Warhammer: Odyssey Shuts Down – A History of NFTs, a Secret Game and a Massive Hack

Why is warhammer MMORPGs and Shutdown? According to Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Closed its doors in 2013 due to a problem with the license agreement with Games Workshop, the release of the unique mobile MMORPG Warhammer: Odyssey gave fans of the franchise some hope. This time the blame lies not with Games Workshop, but with the developers Virtual Realms, after being unable to recover from stagnant updates, mounting development allegations, and a massive hack that more than brought it down Warhammer: Odysseybut Virtual Realms of other MMORPG titles Celtic heroes.

Warhammer: Odyssey showed promise when we first tried it in February 2021. The classes and combat were particularly entertaining. The game didn’t feature autoplay, which is a rarity for MMORPGs on mobile. The game’s soft launch, which began in February 2021, was further prolonged as the game was far from complete, even when the game was shut down in mid-March due to a security breach. The security breach came at a time when the Virtual Realms development team was accused of wasting its resources developing alternative titles instead of meeting their commitments to complete it Warhammer: Odyssey.

Virtual Realms went to their discord to address the concerns and explained that the game they were signed to legends of Elumia, a play-to-earn game, is a third-party title, and since it’s not a Virtual Realms title, their work on it was limited, which essentially means, “Our support on this project had no impact on ours other games”. Rumors have been circulating as to exactly what happened, particularly regarding the hack that brought down both Virtual Realms flagship titles. According to a now-removed Discord post, the team confirmed that source code and database information for both games were stolen during the security breach.

An anonymous source stated that the code for Legends of Elumia was also stolen, which largely cast doubt on Virtual Realms’ involvement in the new blockchain title in development. The source further cited circumstances under which prior to the shutdown of the Warhammer: Odyssey Discord, the team started banning people who made connections between them Warhammer: Odyssey and Legends of Elumia. In which, now removed, whitepaper out of Legends of Elumia There were clear signs that the team was off Legends of Elumia consisted mainly of Warhammer: Odyssey team members.

The question remains as to why the team felt it needed to remain committed Legends of Elumia a mystery, however, given the recent hack that brought down the long-running, beloved mobile title celtic heroes, what was sold to DECA Games back in february but has yet to be completely switched over and the games workshop title in development is probably far better than that Legends of Elumia Investors and players are unaware of the hack that not only led to the loss of the source code of Virtual Realms 2 flagship games, but the very game they are looking forward to. This is particularly troubling after a series of high-profile hacks have stolen hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in crypto tokens over the past few months. Virtual Realms’ involvement in an upcoming play-to-earn game does not bode well if the rumors that their source code has been compromised are true.

Eventually, after bringing in an outside security contractor, Virtual Realms decided to abandon the project entirely. According to their last official post, “unprecedented business complications” caused by the pandemic, the development team decided to halt development. The fact is, no matter how they want to take this, the team wasn’t able to come back from the security breach and they said it best themselves when they said:

While we would ideally like to keep the servers open for a period of time to give those in the community a chance to say goodbye, unfortunately circumstances are such that this is not practical.

-Difinitus, Warhammer Odyssey Discord

It was obvious that it wasn’t the servers that were stopping the team from getting the servers up for the players to say goodbye. In the end it’s a pretty sad story, eh Warhammer: Odyssey was one of the few mobile MMORPGs that actually felt like an MMORPG. Although it was never really finished and many of the features were still a work in progress, it was a great indicator that more traditional MMORPGs could make it to mobile. As long as they have a safe studio behind them and have their priorities in the right place.

https://www.mmorpg.com/news/warhammer-odyssey-shuts-down-a-tale-of-nfts-a-secret-game-and-a-massive-hack-2000124767 Warhammer: Odyssey Shuts Down – A History of NFTs, a Secret Game and a Massive Hack

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