Warning signs to watch out for when driving in a storm – How to avoid collisions and flooded roads

Britons should take extra care on the roads as storms continue to hit the country. Flood warnings have been issued across the UK, so driving needs to be taken with extra care

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Storm Franklin has some motorists wondering if they should leave their homes

As another storm hits the UK, flooding is now spreading and driver will care about drive in this weather.

Storm Franklin only a few days later Storm Eunice leaving three people dead and more than a million homes without electricity.

Severe flooding has been witnessed in Northern Ireland and currently areas of the River Severn are on high alert, while there are around 150 flood warnings and warnings across the UK.

Many motorists across the country today wonder if it is safe to drive where they live and if they need to take any extra precautions when doing so. are not.

So, the warning signs you should pay attention to when driving in these conditions?

Is it safe to drive in today’s floods?

Flooding can cause dangerous road conditions



In general, people can drive in most places in the UK, but should be avoided if they can.

Smaller country roads are more likely to become congested as Hurricane Franklin continues, and people should not go outside during the storm if they can avoid it.

There is a yellow color weather Warnings are across the UK for wind until 1pm today and Storm Franklin has brought windy weather and some flooding, as rivers burst their banks or drains became clogged and flooded.

If the road is flooded, it’s best to try to find an alternative route as large patches of standing water can cause dangerous standing water or obscure damaging potholes.

If you have no choice but to drive through a flooded road, use a stick to measure the depth. The AA recommends avoiding driving over anything deeper than 4 inches and driving slowly to avoid creating a bow wave.

After driving through a flooded area, you should check your brakes.

What should I pay attention to when driving in a storm?

Holding on to the steering wheel is an important safety measure


Daily Post Wales)

The first thing you should do when driving in a rainstorm is to check that the road is clear before you hit the road.

The government website has a helpful map this, which lists all flood warnings, with varying degrees of severity. This means motorists can check if there is a flood warning near them before they leave.

Duncan McClure Fisher, Founder and CEO of the UK’s fastest growing car association MotorEasy, tell Hull Live : “Hurricanes are really life threatening for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is trees being cut down across the road.

“This is especially true in rural areas, where suddenly encountering a fallen tree at a sharp angle on a country road can lead to a serious and life-threatening accident.

“But there is something to watch out for as it can act as an important early warning system for any trouble ahead.

“And that is seeing a lot of branches and leaves on the road because this could be an indication that the wind has caused significant damage to trees and other foliage in the area.

The Met Office “Be careful when driving on exposed roads such as bridges, or high-clearance roads, delaying your journey or looking for alternative routes where possible.

“Slow down and be aware of side winds, take special care if you’re towing or the vehicle has a high side. Don’t drive unless your journey is absolutely necessary.”

When driving in high winds, it’s important to keep your hands on the wheel as a strong gust of wind can cause your vehicle to swerve slightly. People also need to react quickly to any debris that may fall in front of them.

Drivers in these conditions must also slow down and allow more room, especially when passing bicycles, motorcycles and trucks at height.

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