Warning signs when urinating means you may have kidney failure

There are many warning signs your body gives off when something is wrong.

If you have certain illnesses, you should be aware of some clues that you may need to check.

If you are a diabetic, you should monitor your urine for any changes


If you are a diabetic, you should monitor your urine for any changesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Diabetes, depending on the type you have, has many factors you need to watch for.

If it goes on uncontrolled, or not well controlled, it can affect other parts of the body.

Tall sugar level can damage the clusters of blood vessels in your kidneys over time.

This is key to filtering waste products from your blood, and if they are affected, it can lead to kidney damage and cause high blood pressure.

This can then cause more damage, but increases pressure in the delicate filtration system.

Watch out for something in your urine that could be an early sign that your kidneys are struggling, if you are glycorrhea patient.

Consultant urologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Dr Richard Viney told Sun Online foamy urine is something to look out for.

“Like all liquids, if moved in a strong current, the agitation caused when it hits the surface will cause the air to be mixed in causing cavitation, so,” he said. A prolonged wave with a strong current will cause some transient foam.

“If there’s already some cleaner in the toilet, the urine will foam on contact with it, and so don’t panic immediately if you see foam in your urine.

“If there is too much protein in the urine, this can also cause foaming and this is a problem.

“Protein shouldn’t get into the urine because the kidneys are designed to filter it out. If the kidneys aren’t working properly then protein is lost in the urine and this is a sign of kidney failure.

“Common cause of CKD including diabetes and high blood pressure.

“The loss of protein from the blood means water will move from the blood into the tissues causing edema (swelling) that will pool around the ankles and pelvis through gravity and make it difficult to breathe if fluid settles in the lungs. .

“If these are the symptoms you’re experiencing then you need to see a GP.”

Is different signs in your urine to look for including foul-smelling urine, cloudy urine, or if blood is present.

Common signs that you may have diabetes include:

  • go to the toilet a lot, especially at night
  • really thirsty
  • feeling more tired than usual
  • lose weight without trying
  • itching or thrush in the genitals
  • cuts and wounds take longer to heal
  • blurred vision

Diabetes is a lifelong health condition that affects around 4.7 million people in the UK.

Experts estimate that nearly one million people living with type 2 diabetes are unaware of the disease.

These symptoms are caused by high levels of residual glucose in the blood, where it cannot be used for energy.

These signs are common in both children and adults.

But it may be harder for adults with type 1 diabetes to recognize their symptoms.

I’m a doctor and here are the urgent diabetes symptoms you need to look out for Warning signs when urinating means you may have kidney failure

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