“We cannot ignore the role of the EU and the US in the war in Ukraine,” stressed MEP Clare Daly


THERE is a narrative in the West of good and bad in the Ukraine war, “and if you don’t speak in that narrative then you are a villain,” controversial MEP Clare Daly said today.

Sections of the Irish establishment that never wanted neutrality now see the Ukraine invasion as an opportunity to end it entirely, she warned.

Meanwhile, EU militarism and NATO are two sides of the same coin, and the defense industry is benefiting enormously from the current conflict.

This should not absolve Russia, which is “100 per cent responsible” for invading Ukraine, Ms Daly told Casement’s summer school in Dun Laoghaire today.

“We have six million people forced to flee, thousands dead, the breakdown in Ukraine, a food crisis and an economic crisis plunging the EU into a deep recession – and Russia clearly bears the blame for this. They invaded Ukraine and violated it,” she said.

“But we cannot ignore the role of the EU and the US. That shouldn’t excuse Russia. It’s easy to explain because you can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand the root.”

Ms Daly detailed Western interventions in other countries and the alleged constant barrage for more defense spending in developed countries that had fueled confrontation and reaction.

She added: “I was really interested to see the Pope’s comments on this point. He was firm in his condemnation from the start, but last week he came out and said NATO had a responsibility to facilitate Russia’s invasion and promote international interests alike in Syria, Yemen and so on.

“Pretty much the first thing I thought was, ‘Did he steal my notes?’ The second thing I thought was that the Pope would be accused of being a Putin puppet or an embarrassment and a disgrace,” Ms Daly said, referring to epithets that had been used about herself.

“The narrative of the good guys and the bad guys is out there and if you don’t speak in that narrative then you’re a villain,” she said, saying such people are either “ignored or demonized.”

As the war dragged on, “the response from the EU and the Irish government has pretty much been to escalate the war and make sure it goes on,” she claimed.

During the week there was fanfare about sanctions and opposed to the Russian oil embargo, she said. “Not because I feel sorry for Russia, not because I’m on Putin’s payroll, but because sanctions don’t work. You have never prevented a war.

“Not a single Ukrainian life will be saved by the European oil embargo” because only 30 countries out of 195 internationally imposed sanctions on Russia and it would act elsewhere. “If Europe doesn’t buy it, someone else will. Ordinary people in Europe will pay that price.”

The other solution is to keep throwing arms into the conflict, which doesn’t mean Ukraine doesn’t have the right to defend itself, she said.

“It absolutely has. But you don’t hear about arming people in Iraq, Palestine or Yemen,” she noted, adding that the Western narrative has now openly shifted to a “proxy war against Russia.”

Many senior figures have said they want the war to continue to weaken Russia, she said.

“Think about the consequences of what they say. Because what that means is what Hillary Clinton was talking about – the Afghanization of Ukraine. It means devastation, destruction, huge loss of life, and the people of Ukraine will be the ones to pay for it.”

She quoted Ukrainian peace activist Yuriy Chelyashenko: “If you prepare for war, you will have war. If you prepare for peace, you will get peace.”

The solution “is actually demilitarization,” she said. But that was “heresy,” of course, because “it is the military-industrial complex that fuels the flames of war.

“This is the product of the EU’s response and the defense industry’s takeovers of companies.”

A conference of personalities had been convened – “now it wasn’t Johnny Depp and Amber Heard” – and nine of the 16 participants were representatives of the defense industry. “What did you come up with? Europe needs more research and more developments in armaments and defense. Who got the contracts? The same people who gave the advice.”

However, Barry Andrews MEP said that in Ms Daly’s speech he had heard accusations against the EU, NATO and the United States, but none against Russia.

“The main blame for what is happening in Ukraine lies in the Kremlin,” Andrews said.

The left in Ireland has never appreciated the threat posed by Russia, he said. Yesterday (Thursday) there was a debate in the European Parliament about the “ongoing sexual torture and murder” of women in Ukraine. “I’ll spare you the details,” he said.

But even if Putin were deposed, there was a risk that “crazier ones” would take power, he said.

But Mr Andrews said: “I don’t believe any of the nuclear threats we see on Russian state television. The threat to Ireland comes in a different way.”

It came from disinformation and cyber attacks that took place here in the HSE hack. The criminal gang behind it, White Spider, based in St. Petersburg, was “supported by the Russian regime”.

He also cited the downing of the Malaysian MH-17 airliner over Ukraine by Russians working with secessionist groups in Donbass, using a Russian BUK surface-to-air missile.

Russia lies and propaganda on everything and tries to undermine the West, because in order to secure Vladimir Putin’s regime, it must show that democracies fail.

The expelled Russian diplomats formerly based in Dublin were involved in disinformation, he said. Russian was everywhere busy undermining democracy and it had to be defended in Ireland as in other countries.

https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/we-cannot-ignore-the-part-played-by-the-eu-and-the-us-in-ukraine-war-insists-mep-clare-daly-41622559.html “We cannot ignore the role of the EU and the US in the war in Ukraine,” stressed MEP Clare Daly

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